Thursday last was the local horse fair which was held in Market St. There were plenty of horses but not so many buyers. Most people seemed to be selling.

 This is an objective corelative for the state of the horse trade on Thursday.

The man who was selling farmyard fowl was doing great business. His lovely hens, turkeys and geese were in steady demand.

This customer was buying a few Rhode Island Reds.

Christmas is coming and…. Sshhh!!


Sign of hope?

This new interiors shop has just opened in The Square. When it gets a sign I’ll photograph it again, but I couldn’t  wait to bring you the good news.


This old photo is of a Saturday morning market in Cumberland St. Dublin. Markets like these were a feature of life in the inner city in the 1950’s and 60’s.

This is a photo of children playing in a school yard in inner city Dublin. They are in a sand pit.