Opening Night, Listowel Writers Week  May 29  2019

I positioned myself by the entrance to the hotel and here are a few of the good folk who I snapped as they headed towards the ballroom for the festivities.

You will spot some local folk as well some prizewinners and other visitors.


Change of Tenant Due Here

Making a living as a small retailer in Listowel is tough.


Glin Castle

Tom Dillon took this photo when he toured Glin Castle with the Irish Georgian Society. These are some of the stories he brought back.

“Best bit was the great stories that go with the family portraits particularly the Cracked Knight who rode his horse up the stairs, the Knight who died dancing at his own wedding and the Knight of the Women who had all his mistresses living in the different lodges on the estate.”

Sounds like those knights were a fairly daft lot.