Howth Sunset

Photo; Eamon ÓMurchú


Dan, Paddy and Raymond

Tom Fitzgerald sent us the photograph. I gave you the names of Dan Keane and Paddy Faley. I knew someone would recognise the man on the right. Joe Harrington was my man.

Joe sent the following email.

Hi Mary,


The man beside Dan Keane is the late Paddy Faley from Glenbawn, west Limerick.  He was a great writer of verses, some very humourous, such as ‘Minding the House’.  He also wrote the Lyre anthem, ‘My Home in Sweet Lyreacrompane’. He never visited the place but got the details from a workmate from Lyre.  In his eighties we took him with us on one of our Irish Rambling House tours of England and he was a great hit with the exiles. It was his first time being abroad.


The man on the right was Raymond Brouder rip.   He was from the parish of Kilcolman in Co. Limerick and worked with Paddy on the Council. (On the roads I think).


Most of Paddy Faley’s rhymes were of a general and humourous nature or about places in Limerick. I must dig them out and see if any might suit your blog. I wrote the following on the occasion of the launch of a book of his verse seventeen years ago.  It appeared in the Lyreacrompane Journal back then.


Minding Paddy Faley

Message to Paddy Faley, the man who wrote 
“My Home in Sweet Lyreacrompane”,  on the
occasion of his book of verse launch at the
age of 84.


Between the covers of this book

A part of Paddy we will find

But no volume on a library shelf

Could capture full that lucid mind


From out Glenbawn that eagle eye

Observes the panoramic view

Of life as it unfolds its shape

In every creed and every hue


And in the verse that flows from out

The pen in Paddy Faley’s hand

You’ll find a record there that lists

The way we live in this fair land


And so while Paddy “Minds the House”

And wakes the memories in his rhyme

It’s right that we mind Paddy too

A gentle treasure of our time.


                                     October 26  2003






A Fun New Product with  a Listowel Connection

Listowel’s talented designer, Anna Guerin, is behind this great new initiative

Sock Coop

These beautiful cotton socks feature Irish scenes and symbols, e.g. Fungi and Cobh Cathedral

 and colorful streetscape.

Be sure to visit the website and you’ll want them all.


A Close Encounter on the Cliff Walk

Photo: Bridget O’Connor


Ball Alley Painting update

from Listowel Tidy town on Facebook

A Huge thank you to local artists Erin Halpin, Michelle Quinn & Jack McKenna who along with Emer O’Connor (missing from pic) have volunteered to give Listowel’s iconic Handball Alley a ‘makeover’ Seen here at the initial planning get together with their Mentor, established local artist, Micheal Kelleher & members of Listowel Tidy Towns. As they say: “Watch this space”