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Parish Mission

Childers Park, October 8 2023


St. Michael’s College

St. Michael’s has been steadily growing and developing over the years.

This is the view of St. Michael’s from the nearby greenway.


St. Mary’s Listowel, Parish Mission October 7 to 13 2023

Symbols of the mission before the altar.

The mission was very well attended and the two Redemptorist leaders and the parish mission committee worked hard for the week.

Marie Neligan Shaw remembers a more old style Listowel mission.

Hi Mary, smiling as I remember one particular Mission back in the early 50’s.
I was a teenager and as Eamon Kelly liked to relate there was always a Big man and a small man. At that time St. Mary’s had a pulpit where the sermons were preached from. On the first night of the mission, the big man mounted the steps to the pulpit, stood there for a good minute just looking around at everyone in the church. He then pounded the pulpit and declared in a booming voice “ YOUR ALL DAMNED”!
Very traumatic for a teenager at that time. Thank God things have changed since then.

I don’t think we are all damned or redeemed after the mission. We did have a big man and a small man, a loud man and a quiet man but they were both affable and non scary, The cup of tea afterwards was a welcome addition to things and the feeling all round was one of hope rather than fear.

The mission stall is still a feature of the mission today.


Rising Star

Photo and story from Listowel Pitch and Putt Club on social media

This week Ajay Barrett becomes the first Listowel Pitch and Putt Club member to play for Ireland. Ajay is part of a six-boy team to represent Ireland in Spain this coming week. Ajay is joined on the team by his inter-county teammates, Brian McCarthy and Nathan Cronin of Killarney, Jack McShane (Kilkenny), Joe Franklin (Tipperary), and Peader O’Toole (Kildare). It is a proud time for the Club and for the Barrett and Walsh families, in particular.


People I Met in Town

Maria and Leonard were enjoying a day off.


Listowel in the 1990s

This tourist guide from the 1990s is a good indicator of how much has changed

This is who brought it to us

I’ll bring you some more over the coming week.


A Fact

The UK imposed the first speed limit regulation in the world in 1903. It was twenty miles per hour.



Old friends and old tastes


Listowel Guide


  1. Nicholas Leonard

    Mary, if the congregation was all damned, what was the point of the Mission? And the local clergy were a total failure? Even God had questions to answer!

  2. Siobhan Foley

    Thank you for your Newsletter and the work it takes to prepare and present so nicely

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