A Horse of a Different Colour at Listowel Harvest Festival

All Ireland Pig Races in Market Street;  The title sounded a bit grand but in fact it was a fairly local event as the runners and riders will show you.

The betting was handled expertly but was a bit of a trial for the punter. Each little piggy wig had his own dedicated bet taker so you had to wait for your chosen bookie to get to you in order to place your bet. My luck with the porkers matched my luck on the racecourse. My betting proved  a bit of a jinx.

The capacity crowd enjoyed the spectacle which was run in late evening sunshine.  You might see a few familiar faces here.

The starting stalls on the back of a lorry

 And they’re off!

That’s my fellow at the tail of the field

 Christy Walsh was the starter, whipper in and CEO of the operation. It was a great night’s entertainment.


Tree Felling in the Town Park

I took these photos in Childers Park on Tuesday, September 13 2016. I don’t know why this tree had to be felled but you can bet that there is a very good reason. A pity all the same.


Early autumn visitors

I met these visitors from Armagh in the park on Tuesday. They were enjoying exploring our heritage town on foot. They didn’t even know it was race week.