Here I am among old friends at a function in Ballyroe Heights on Friday night last. It was a  sad night.

I retired from the teaching staff at Pres. Listowel in 2010 and since I left the staffroom eleven more of my former colleagues have also left the school;

2 on secondment to the Dept. of Education,

3 have retired

6 have been redeployed to other schools.


This is May Gleasure of The Square Listowel in 1913. She is pictured with her beau of 2 years whom she does not name in her letters to  her brother Frank

 She merely says of him that he is a “steady boy” and he works in a drapery shop in town. He is a Catholic. Any idea of his identity, anyone?


School memories are trending on Twitter. Here are few you might relate to;

Blackboards, chalk and the duster with the wooden back

The rolla; anseo; as láthair

An bhfuil cead agam dul amach…..

Ann and Barry or, in my day, Tom, Mary, Billy.

The bishop’s visit and the ensuing half day.


The Nature Table

The May altar

The letter zed. Sesame Street saw the end of that one.


Mental arithmetic

Spraoi and Sonas

Fancy paper




Lauding Maths

Mathematics, no matter how complicated,
Makes you either see, touch, hear, taste or smell.
How so? I asked. Authenticate it.
Because mathematics, you see, makes sense.

(Mike O’Donnell)


Rest (By Mike O’Donnell)


News of Bedford Hall

Bedford Hall was demolished a number of years ago. The site was bought and there were plans to build a private dwelling on it, which has not happened as yet. The location of the site is approx 200 metres from the Listowel side of Bedford Cross, on the left hand side as you face towards town. There is a fence around the site. It was a popular dancehall back in the day.


I’m still holding out hope that  someone has a photo, even a fairly recent one taken before the demolition.