Castleisland Sisters

A friend sent me these photos from a book in tribute to the Presentation presence in Castleisland.

Some of these good sisters have gone to their eternal reward but some are still with us. If anyone wants to update me I’d be delighted to print today’s photos of the ladies or any stories anyone would like to share.


Children and Animals

My boyeens spent a lot of time in Kerry this summer. Tomorrow they head off to France for a year in St. Jean de Lus.

 On their recent visit we made lots of happy memories. One of these involved a day out in Coolwood, just outside Killarney on the Cork Road. It’s a great place for a walk through the woods and a chance to see lots of animals and fowl.

This lovely hare was a bit shy.

 The rabbit and the peacock had a bit of a noisy stand off over some food.


The lemurs were allowed to roam free. We did not get too close.

An alpaca

This proud hen was strutting about as if she owned the place.

This young ostrich was having a good look.

Christmas turkey?


A tad inconsiderate!

Upper William Street, last week


Post Box in Upper Church St.

The Irish post office was P & T before it became An Post.