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Quiz answers

From Vincent

Answers to our quiz,

(1) What family occupied the Central Hotel before the Galvin’s?

(A) The Potter family, who the Galvins married into.

(2) Where could you see “a local Squire being entertained in Listowel ©1842 “?

(A) The original painting is on view at the Urban Council Office, or anyone with

      Listowel and its Vicinity, the colour plate is between pages, 256 and 257.

(3) There were two hotels in Listowel, known as Commercial, where were they?

      (not the Listowel Arms)

 (A) (1) in 1867, James Collopy had a Commercial Hotel in The Square, where

       Jimmy Deenihan has his office.

        (2) O’Connor’s Commercial Hotel was in Market Street, where Pierces had

        their veterinary practice.

(4) There was also a commercial club, where? Who was the secretary?

(A) Where ‘Footprints’ is now in Main Street, John Cahill was secretary.

(5) James Butler was a watch and clock repairer, where did he live?

(A) He lived and worked at 23 Upper William Street.

(6) Where did the Young Ireland Society have their meetings?

(A) At 63 Church Street, Tarrant’s or The Bon Ton (the name was painted on the

     plinth in the overhead wall)

(7) Where was Listowel’s last Private Hotel?

(A) Lawler’s, afterwards Ashes in Church Street.

(8) Two of Listowel Pharmacies and part of another one originally had something in

      common, nothing to do with dispensing medicine, what were they?

(A) 3 Public Houses. Wm. Keane Stack’s, (now Aidan O Connor’s) was a pub ran by

       Jeremiah Foley in 1911. Broderick’s Pharmacy was a pub ran by Edward Cain in

       1901. Thirdly, the William Street addition to McGuire’s Chemist shop (Justin

       Stack’s) was a pub ran by a William McCarthy.


 (9) Listowel residents, John McCrystall, George Rice and Gabriel Thorpe had           

      something in common, what?

(A) They were three Listowel physicians and surgeons in 1846.

(10)  Listowel’s Royal Hotel was owned by whom?

(A) Patrick J. Houlihan, 1880s

      Miss Hannah Roche, 1890s

(11) If I was to meet you for a drink in Listowel’s, Hotel Brendan, who’s home would

        we have been in?

(A) The home of Robert M Danaher, father of Tim Danaher (Gift of Ink). Afterwards

       John Joe Kenny’s and the Castle Bar.  

Thanks to all those who took the time to contribute, I got some very funny answers, nobody got them all right, even remotely near it!!, I suppose there will be some who will say,”I knew that” however having read the answers they would say that, would’nt they?

Here to the next one,



For recent and not so recent emigrants…a new forum launches today


A man named Pat Schillaci


  1. Donal O'Carroll

    I am interested in The Bon Ton. My Gran aunt(Peg Galvin)owned it & ran it in the 40s. Where did the name come from?

  2. Marty Sheehy

    Thanks, Vincent.

    ONLY that first quiz question did I get right. " Potter-Galvins " as we who lived across the [ Main] street called it in earlier times. My generation of sibs, mt father & grandfather lived across the road on Main Street from The Central Hotel.

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