Just like that they’re 18.

Was it not yesterday my boyeens were on their Kerry holidays, making memories with their Nana.

Making pancakes in Kerry on a bygone Shrove Tuesday

Sean and Killian on a trip to Kennedy’s Pat Farm, always a highlight of holidays in Kerry.

Tempus Fugit!

Tomorrow is St. Brigit’s Day

Photo: Moss Joe Browne…St. Brigid’s well in Knapogue Ballyduff.

According to Ballyduff Past and Present on Facebook, this well is known as Tobar a Leighis and is the only holy well in Kerry dedicated to St. Brigid. The saint visited there when she was in Kerry. The water from this well is thought to heal the mind as well as the body.

St. Brigid’s window in St. John’s Tralee

St. Brigid window in Ballybunion

O’Connell’s Avenue Neighbours

Facebook threw up this memory, a Maria Sham photograph of her old neighbours which she shared with us in 2016.

A False “Fact”…Sorry!

Image source; Barn owl from Wikipedia

When a retired eye surgeon tells me that my fact about owl’s eyes is incorrect, I have to sit up and pay attention.

Firstly let me tell you where I sourced the fact. I heard it on Countdown. It wasn’t from Susie Dent who is often the source of word related facts but from Colin Murray who was celebrating some kind of Things you never Knew day. I actually thought it was a bit strange so I googled it.

“You know how we (humans) have eyeballs? Well, owls don’t. They have eye tubes or cylinders, rod-shaped eyes that do not move in their sockets as eyeballs do. Instead, owls have to move their bodies or heads in order to look around.”

So I felt safe enough until I heard from a real expert. Patrick Corridan, formerly of The Square knows a thing or two about eyes. He has just retired after a long career as an eye surgeon in the UK. Here is what he says…

“Just a small point about the owl. He does have eyeballs. Quite big ones in fact but he doesn’t have the muscles around his eyes to move them like humans can. Hence the big neck rotation ability.”

In fairness I think we are all on the same page here. The owl’s eyes do not have moving eyeballs like you or me. They have what looks like an eyeball but is in fact a completely different seeing mechanism.

In fairness to Patrick, he didn’t write just to contradict my fact. He wrote a lovely complimentary comment, which is much appreciated.

Today’s Fact

A cat can make up to 100 vocal sounds. I think I heard half of them last night when some local moggies were on the prowl.

Feral cats make less sounds than domesticated ones, which suggests that pet cats have adapted their purrs, hisses, growls and meows to make their feelings clearer to us.