Aah you are saying, has the weather improved dramatically in Listowel? The short answer is no. 

So why the balmy picture then?

 Because it is someone else’s holiday snap and I want to talk about him today.

Since I put this link


in my blog a few days ago people have asked me, 

Who is he? 


What is the Listowel connection?

The answer is: He is Conor Moloney, formerly of this parish. He is a brother of Jimmy Moloney, our town councillor and the man we have to thank for bringing the minutes of the Town Council meetings to us online.


Conor is becoming the more famous Moloney brother recently with his entertaining account of his travels by motorbike through the american continent.

Below is a small flavour of Conor’s travelogue. I include it because it struck a cord and I saw a Listowel connection. Here in Listowel we have a hairdressers’ with its very own pet repile on  display. So there….

“From Tecapan I moved on south down to San Blas. I meant to stay just two nights but quickly fell into the local expat scene so ended up here for four nights. Mostly I spent my time at the San Blas Social Club. It served great food, had friendly American and Mexican owners, and had a wide range of booze and clientele. There were a lot of Americans and Canadians spending the winter here so it was a convivial spot to hang out. I also found another bar where they kept a crocodile in a pen on the patio. Keeping a pet reptile in a drinking establishment might not sound like a great idea, but I was assured that it was no problem. The croc, whose name is Fluffy, is sixty seven, has few teeth, and is fed regularly, so I was assured it posed no danger to the patrons.”

I highly recommend Conor’s blog. It is fascinating reading, and beautiful photographs.

Be warned. Set aside an hour or two. You’ll be hooked.