What is it about Robins?

Robins have been photographed, drawn, painted and written about for years.

Prompted by Ita Hannon’s lovely photographs of a robin in Beale, Dick Carmody sent me this poem that he wrote to about the robin his garden.


            …….companion for a reluctant

I kneel to tend my garden, derived of some pride, devoid of great pleasure

I toil to keep apace of mother nature, as weeds compete with work rate

I am suddenly less aware on my ownliness, a companion ever present at my side

Robin makes his predictable welcome appearance to distract from my discomfort.

he sits proud upon the boundary wall to watch my laboured movement

pride in that he fanned the fire in Bethlehem’s stable to keep the Baby warm

how the flames had burned his then colourless breast to testify his zealousness

was it when he pulled the thorn from Jesus’ brow on his way to cross on Calvary

now carries his blood-stained feathers as if to show his favoured ranking.

arms length he follows my every move, often playing hide and seek with me    

tall or sometimes with head erect, motionless he stares me eye to eye

could believe him God-sent, no other bird in sight in hedgerow or on leafless

is it just that he sees me as his meal-ticket, as I gather and discard the
fallen leaves

tasty morsels in the unfrozen ground to help him cope with winter’s worst.

move along, hunched on bended knee, he follows cautiously close behind, beside

out of sight, I seek him out again and know I will not be disappointed

sure enough he’s back again here, there and everywhere, not taken for granted

gardening is less of a chore as I’m gifted a companion, my new forever friend.

Dick Carmody                                                                                November,



The confraternity photo is still doing the rounds and bringing back many happy memories. One blog follower shared this via email:

Regarding the Confraternity and the Sodality; these were gone or on the way out when I was a nipper. I do remember a crude put-down that was used in those days against  someone that was, in the common perception, ‘ró-mhór leis an gcléir,’ and involved in every religious event and occasion- this put-down was as follows: ‘Jaysus, that fellow is stuck in everything! He’d be in the Children of Mary as well, if they could find a knickers big enough for him!’ 


We see the mote in our brother’s eye…….

photo: Dublin Q102 on Facebook

West Cork is one of the most beautiful parts of the country. It is such a pity that someone thought it was a good idea to greet visitors with this insulting and unwelcoming sign.


East Cork is Beautiful too

Recently I visited Ballycotton with my family and we walked the cliff walk. The scenery is absolutely stunning.

My little Aisling is taking a leaf out of Nana’s book and capturing the memories.


Kiely’s, 53 Church Street is now Craftshop na Méar