Wild garlic in Listowel in 2017


Photos from 1996

The much loved and missed Múinteoir Péigí.

Asdee children in the 1940s


Another Horse Photo

This photo was taken by Louise O’Brien of another Kanturk horse, Wildfire. The rider is Felicity Ward. He was competing in his last event of the short 2020 season.


Prayers in a Time of Covid

The door is open but strict pandemic precautionary measures are in place in October 2020


Bovine Bliss

by Jack Murphy


Careering down a country lane

My old banger fairly rattled, 

When suddenly trundling round a bend

Came a humungus crowd of cattle.


And shuddering to a desperate halt 

I bid each one “good day”.

As they stood there looking sheepish 

In a bovine sort of way.


To shift a million tons of beef 

I could not venture how,

So I took to contemplating 

What it means to be a cow.


You see cows are quite peculiar, 

Especially when they “Moo”

Their bellies a mite cirquewlar, 

(Except when in a stew).


They’re not especially friendly 

And if you’re in a jam,

You’ll find a lack of empathy

‘Cos cows don’t give a damn.


No! cows are not emotional 

I’ve never seen one cry,

But like the rest of humankind,

I’m glad the hoors don’t fly.


And so I squandered half an hour 

In idle Reverie, 

As I sat there watching cattle 

Standing there and watching me.


So finally I revved the yoke..

And in collective fright

Each lifted up its tail and then,

Discharged a shile of pight.


And sitting in my splattered car 

I reckoned it unfair

That it might take ten squillion corks

To save the ozone layer


Ah yes! cows are kinda heavy…

Though they’re not inclined to bite.

But there’s one thing can be said for cows, 

By God they’re full of shite.