All of these following are no longer trading:

A frightening sign of the times.


More from Thursday’s horse fair


This is Danny Russell at work in his very popular hair salon, Changes in Upper Church St. Listowel.

Danny has shaved his head in order to raise money for Kerry Cancer Support Services whose bus service to Cork is under threat for lack of funding.

I asked the obvious question: Since Danny is an expert on wigs and other hair loss solutions, why is he not wearing a top -of -the -range hairpiece to cover his shorn head.

His answer highlighted Danny’s essential good nature. He felt that it would have detracted from his gesture to use the head shave to promote his business. Fair play to you, Danny.

Whose hair was Danny styling when I met him?

None other than Miriam Kiely, formerly of this parish who has met a whole new branch of her family since an initial request to Listowel connection for information about Listowel Kielys. I was delighted to hear it.