Photo by Ita Hannon


Violet Dalton’s dolls at NCBI shop

Violet has a gifted pair of hands. She loves designing and making outfits for her dolls. For Listowel Races 2018 she has made a super jockey’s silks for her boy doll and two gorgeous Ladies Day outfits for her little ladies . They are part of the window displays at NCBI Shop in Church St.


The Races in the old days

Photos by Junior Griffin


Kerry Camino

St. John’s Tralee

The Kerry camino starts at St. John’s Church Tralee.


New Public Phone Box

An old post box on Denny Street, Tralee. Volumes of mail have decreased enormously. How long before An Post takes away the kerbside postboxes too?


Listowel Florist’ Window for  Raceweek 2018

Betty McGrath’s window incorporates all the elements of Listowel Raceweek


Sounds like a Brilliant Idea

Have you heard of hotdesking?

Here is the Wiki definition:     Hot desking (sometimes called “non-reservation-based hoteling“) is an office organization system which involves multiple workers using a single physical work station or surface during different time periods.[1] The “desk” in the name refers to an office desk being shared by multiple office workers on different shifts as opposed to each staff member having their own personal desk.

Now HQ Listowel is taking hotdesking to the next level. When this office space opens in Market Street shortly, it will mean that someone who needs a temporary office space in Listowel can have a hot desk or office with everything laid on. It’s kind of like the concession shop idea but with offices.

“Bright & spacious business suites & hotdesks on Market St.Listowel.
All running Costs, Rent, Rates, Elec, Meeting Room, Broadband & Free Parking!#Coworking– Enquiries to Tom”