To set the scene for today, St. Patrick’s Day 2014 I am uploading a few photos from previous parades. Look out for this year’s one in the coming days.


A St. Patrick’s Day message via email from the U.S.

We are the sons and daughters of Hibernia, proud heirs of an ancient legacy.

We’ve settled every corner of the globe, driven from our homeland by famine and oppression,

or simply by the restless spirit that’s our birthright.

Wherever we go, we bring with us a love of freedom, a melancholy humor, a biting wit, and a golden tongue.

But regardless of where destiny may take us, we’re linked to the land of our ancestors by an ethereal thread

that binds the hearts and reminds us always that we are a unique people.

We are the Irish.

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Jim Horgan CSW FWS


I have no date for this one but the occasion is the presentation of an An Post prize to Zara MacAuliffe.

Left to Right; Ray MacAulliffe, Str. Consolata, An Post man, Zara MacAuliffe, Thelma macAulliffe and Eileesh Holly.


An image of war for you to ponder

Another parade;another time; Canada 1940:  Wait for me Daddy.


The weekend’s iconic image from Six Nations Rugby

Gordon D’Arcy shaved off that awful beard in celebration. (photo; The Examiner)