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Charles Street Then and Now



St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the 1990s

Photos; Danny Gordon


Ballybunion Folklore

(from the Dúchas collection)

Local Fairs

Fairs are not held in this district nor does anyone remember fairs being held here. They are held in Listowel which is the nearest town to us. Very often before a big fair buyers or jobbers went around to the farmers houses to buy calves and sometimes cattle. This is still carried on.

 There are no accounts of former fairs being discontinued or of fairs being held on hills, near churchyards, near castles, or near forts. In Listowel the fairs are held in the streets, in the square, and in the market place. No toll was collected in the streets but for every cow you’d carry into the square you’d have to pay seven pence and for every pig you’d carry into the market place you’ have to pay a penny. This money was given to Lord Listowel.

 Luck money is always given. It is called luck money. For every pig or bonham a schilling is given and for a cow half a crown. If prices are high a pound is given as luck money for a horse but if prices are low five schillings is given. When a bargain is made the seller holds out his hand and the buyer strikes it with his clenched fist. A piece of hair is cut out of the cows side to show she is sold. A dab of paint is then stamped on it. This is done sometimes on the cows back.

(There is no name recorded for the pupil who collected this piece of folklore)


Look Up

If you look up here you might forget for a minute that you are in Market Street, Listowel.


Winner Alright

Ita Hannon’s brilliant photograph of a magnificent stag was awarded photograph of the month by The Irish Wildlife Trust.