Pebbles in Skerries by Éamon ÓMurchú


Family Comings and Goings

One of the highlights of a trip to Listowel for my grandchildren is a trip to Jumbos. I think it ranks second to swimming in Ballybunion. They got to do both in this trip.

Back from the beach and tucking into a gourmet Jumbo’s meal.

Heading Franceward

The French branch of the family is heading to the sun.


A Quick Rant

Lidl Listowel at the start of the long weekend

This is the checkout in my local Lidl. Does this arrangement drive anyone else to distraction?

The passage to the till belt is narrowed by a parking bay for pull -along trollies on one side and a display of totally non essential items they are trying to push at us on the other. You can see my trolley in the picture, marooned at the other side of the Nutella.

The Nutella is where the trolley should be.

I am obliged to go ahead of the trolly and dive into it from the front to retrieve my shopping. This is made more hazardous by the fact that there never seem to be any shallow trollies so I have to take a deep one. This makes my shopping even more inaccessible.

Rant over


One for the livestock Farmers and the Butchers among You

Paul Murphy whose grandfather was the Listowel butcher known as the Colonel sent us this page from his grandfather’s ledger. In 1940 the butcher bought the animals directly from the farmers and slaughtered them in his slaughterhouse before hanging the carcasses and bringing them to his shop to be butchered. Minimal food miles in those days!


Progress Report

No more girls in fancy dress in 1953 named. BUT we have a breakthrough on the car.

James Kenny, who lived on Church Street remembers such a car. He writes;

I know that a teacher  was lodging in Moran’s guesthouse ( a boarding house in the 50s, now owned by Fitzpatricks) who had a car like the one in the photo.
I think she taught in Claunmacon  National School.
We regularly gave her a push-start in frosty weather.

Does anyone else remember the teacher, the boarding house or the car?