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Last of my Graham Norton Photos, Kennedy Home then and Now and my Favourite Ascot Photo.

Make someone happy,

Make just one someone happy

And you will be happy too.

Richard Pierse made me very happy on June 3 2017. There I was manning the gate at the Graham Norton event when along came this young man. He lives in Nicaragua and he keeps in touch with his Listowel hometown via Listowel Connection. I love to hear a story like that. Richard is just one of many people who appreciate what I do but I think he must be the most remote of my blog followers. If anyone else wants to get in touch and tell me where they read the blog maybe I could put up a map and track the reach of Listowel connection.

Jennifer Scanlon made someone happy too. Here she is racing to the rescue of her friend detained at the gate. Everyone had to have a paper ticket to get past us.


Audience on its way to Graham Norton

Eventually the wait was over. No Garda outriders to alert us this time. Graham Norton slipped into Childers’ Park  almost unbeknownst.

He posed for a few snaps and then took his place on stage for his interview. Nice man.


Bachelors’ Walk

Do you remember this show? I know he has done loads of work since, but I thought of this when I saw Simon Delaney turn up as Phil, the unlikely Irish jeweller, in Coronation Street.


Then and Now

Upper Church St. the old Kennedy Home is now a  Family Centre.


Healy Racing of Listowel and the World of Horse Racing

Horse trainer, Aidan O’Brien is at the top of his game. He recently won the accolade for champion trainer at Royal Ascot 2017. He was presented with his prize by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, herself a knowledgeable horse owner and horse racing enthusiast. Healyracing captured the moment. The photo tells a story of respect and understanding. If I were Aidan O’Brien, I’d be hanging this one.

Homecoming heroes, A trip to the Island, Listowel Races 2014

Just like The Good Old Days

John Kelliher has this and more great photos of the homecoming on his page here;

Kerry Team home with Sam

It was a joyous return to The Kingdom for the 2 teams. In Killarney, the hugely talented Tomás ÓSé and Donnchadh Walsh show that they are not just footballers. Enjoy this!


Walking to the Races 2014

These men were selling Kerry favours to those going to the match or even to some who intended watching it  on TV.

Across the Square you could buy fast food, a flag or a republican poster.

 I encountered a past pupil of mine doing a steady trade in gourmet take away food. Her business is called Lizzie’s Little Kitchen and you can sample her wares at the Friday Listowel market. A touch of London catering in our home town!

Given the fine weather, Moloney’s was doing a steady trade in ice cream. Lotto and newspapers were popular buys as well.

At the entrance to the racecourse, this car was advertising a raffle for a car.

These boys were loving the attention. Their job was to attract attention to a raffle for Bothar. I decided to buy a ticket when my initial fears were allayed. I thought the two billygoats were the prize!

This young musician was trying to make a bob or two to spend on the amusements.

Throw me down something. The level of water in the Feale was low this year so standing below the bridge did not seem too much of a hardship.

These punters are heading towards the track along the path by the river.

This year there was a big drive to stamp out underage drinking.

 Gardaí on duty at the entrance.

I like to take up a position beside the parade ring. It’s where all of the action is before and immediately after each race. This year the horses walked on lovely dry cow matting so comfort for horse and groom is greatly improved.

Neighbours on my position at ringside told me that this is Joseph O’Brien “receiving instructions” before the race. He is in the colours of J.P. MacManus.

Aidan O’Brien and J.P. MacManus

This is Tony OHehir, a print sports journalist and son of the famous broadcaster, Micheál O’Hehir

If your horse wins, you get this lovely trophy and you get to stand on the podium and have Pat Healy take your photograph. I have decided if I win the Lotto I’m going to buy a racehorse and live this dream.

 This is the scrum of journalists around Katie Walsh after she won the Kerry National on Wednesday.

This is the horse she rode to victory. Your Business is being led back to the stables for his reward.


Some people I met at the races on Ladies Day

The following photos are all of North Kerry people enjoying themselves on the island on Friday.

Listowel Races 2014 and some style from Ladies Day 2014

At the Races

Recording it all
Winner alright, but exhausted.
Back to the weigh room
Interviewing a winning trainer, Katie Harrington, on Monday. She rode a winner on Wednesday.
studying form

Two of the best known faces on Irish racecourses, JP McManus and Aidan O’Brien. I took the photo before the Kerry National where their star did not shine as brightly as usual.


More style from Ladies’ Day 2014

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