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Ballybunion, Banteer, Fursey and Superintendent Mulcahy

Beautiful Ballybunion:  Surfers’ Paradise

Jason of Ballybunion Prints is lucky enough to live in Ballybunion. We are also lucky because Jason loves taking photographs and he shares them with us on Facebook. Below are two of his marvellous surfing shots. Thank you, Jason.


Another Lovely Church

I often pass through Banteer on my way to visit my Cork family. It’s a picturesque little village with a thriving vibrant community.

 Banteer’s beautifully kept Roman Catholic church is at the heart of the village.

The parish is dedicated to Saint Fursey. I have an elderly relative who is a nun in the diocese of Cloyne. In the old days, nuns, when they were professed were given a name in religion and their baptismal name was never again to be used. The names were in the gift of the mistress of novices and were only revealed on the morning of profession. My lovely gentle innocent aunty nun told me once that her greatest fear was that she would get Fursey. If she had done, she would have accepted it with unquestioning obedience. Her obedience was not tested. She is to this day Sr. Perpetua.

The pictures tell their own story


Superintendent Mulcahy; A post scrip to last week’s story

I know some of you enjoyed the story by Michael Mulcahy. One of the principal characters in the story was Listowel’s Garda Superintendent Mulcahy.

Here is what I wrote about this man in November 2014 when I found a newspaper clipping with his photo in my late grandmother’s purse;

I’m flabbergasted by this piece of synchronicity. The newspaper photo shows Michael Kennelly of Listowel talking to 2 Mulcahy brothers at the scout reunion in Killarney in 1951.

Why did my Kanturk grandmother cut and keep this photo? Who were these Mulcahys and what was the connection with Michael Kennelly?

Here is the amazing answer to these questions.

These Mulcahy brothers grew up next door to my mother in Ballintubber, Kanturk. And they have a Listowel connection. Tom Mulcahy was a Garda superintendent in Listowel until his retirement in the seventies. He was a leader with the Listowel Scout Troop.

 Sad to say, his brother, Daniel, who is with him in the photo, passed away on the voyage back to the U.S. after this 1952 visit. This is possibly the last photograph of him.

I knew none of this until I found the newspaper cutting, contacted my brother in Kanturk and he made contact with his friend, Tom Mulcahy, nephew of the superintendent,  who still lives near the family home in Ballintubber.

Oh! the magic and interconnectivity of social history!


Jobs for Listowel?

The paragraph below is from Billy Keane’s Monday opinion piece  in The Irish Independent.

“Kerry Group has been the mainstay of our little town for over 40 years and now there are plans for a major refurbishment in the milk-processing plant, with extra jobs on the way. 

The gas means there is a great chance of new industry along the Shannon Estuary. For the first time in years, there’s hope. And it’s more than hope. I’m sure we are on the up and up. At last.

There are only six of us living in town now from our old primary school class of 45 kids. Yes it was 45. For the teachers, it must have been more like crowd control than teaching. I have more cousins in The Bronx than I have in Listowel.

For the first time, the economic good news story seems to be spreading to the country.’

Listowel,Ballybunion and Banteer and a memory of neighbours long ago

(photo; T.J. Mac Sweeney)


Rainy morning in Listowel Town Square , December 2015


Banteer, Co Cork

It’s not just a train station you pass through on the way to Kerry.

Banteer is a lovely little cross roads village in North Cork. It’s most striking feature is it’s picturesque church .

There is a big car dealership at the crossroads and beside it is this ingenious mural made from decorated car hub caps.


Happy Times 

photo: Ita Hannon

This looks like partytime in Ballybunion. Ita is not sure of the occasion. These are the people she can identify. On the far left nearest the camera is Kit Ahern. Jackie Hourigan is the man in the grey suit. Molly Miller is sitting in the front right and behind her is Jackies wife.


Switching on the Christmas Lights 2015

The Square was thronged.

Billy Keane introduced Santa and Mrs Claus.

Denis Carroll recorded it all.

This duo kept us all well entertained.

Kelly O’Sullivan, one of the organizers of it all with Billy Keane M.C.

Jennifer Scanlon, another of the organizers took a moment to pose with her family.

Elizabeth Lyons of Lizzie’s Little Kitchen brought her family to enjoy the fun.

Spar Express sponsored treats and balloons for all the children.


Ancient tree in Bridge Road

I often wonder, as I pass this tree, just when was it planted. Isn’t it magnificent? If only he who planted it could see it now.


Photo evokes a Response in South Carolina

Last week I posted this photo on Listowel Connection.

As they say on Facebook…..”and then this happened”

From Maeve Moloney Koch in Columbia, South Carolina came this email;

“Dear Mary,  I was surprised and happy to see Christy on today’s Listowel Connection. I am attaching a picture I found of that same Christy drawing home the turf from the bog sometime during the 1950s. Christy is on the left driving. Dennis Horrigan, R.I.P., is on the right. We lived a few houses over the road towards Bolton’s Cross.”

From far away and long ago Maeve Moloney says Hi to her former neighbour, Christy Brennan.

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