I did it. I visited Manctuary, home of the dragon.

I met Virginia and explained to her how, unknown to himself, Manny had gained an internet following. She introduced me to himself. He is a beautiful speciman. Manny likes to admire himself. Virginia held up the mirror for him and he perked up and posed for the camera.

He pushed out his lovely spikes and fixed me with his dragon’s eye.

I was delighted to make Manny’s acquaintance. I hope you will fall in love with him too.

He loves his peace though and he has posted a handwritten sign on his cage calling for respect for his need for rest and undisturbed relaxation.

Now for  the story I referred to earlier of the Canadian embassy. With all my cutting and pasting I have lost the name of the letter writer but it was someone who had just visited the newly refurbrished Irish ambassador’s residence in Ottowa. She was overawed by the luxury, scope and lavish décor of the palatial building and horrified at the thought of what it must have cost the Irish taxpayer in these straightened economic times.

Here are a few snippets from the letter.

The residence is located at 291 Park Road, Rockcliff.

The recent refurbrishment cost the Irish taxpayer $6.75 million.

It is “stunningly beautiful”.

The magnificent artworks and furnishings were all shipped in from Ireland.

The dining room has 20 oak chairs with intricately inlaid bog oak.

It also has 3 large Waterford chandeliers.

The house has 15 chandeliers in all.

At 24,000 sq. ft. our embassy is TWICE the size of the Canadian prime minister’s official residence.

Our ambassador is Ray Bassett. He is not the one responsible for the grandeur of the place.

This story has no Listowel connection. I just read it on Sunday and thought I would share it. Maybe Bernard or any Canadian who is reading this would call in and take a few pics for us.

And finally, while I was out with my camera I took this.

Sign of the times!! Sad, sad! !