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Clean shops, Stag employees in Germany , A Clown poem and a photo of 2 clowns

Photo; Liam Downes


Our Shops were never so clean


Stag employees trip to Germany with Dan Moloney T.D.


Tralee clowns, Ronaldo and Giogo Fanzini meet Michael Lynch during Listowel Writers’ Week a few years ago

The Clown

by John Fitzgerald

John has another circus themed poem for us today.

The Clown

Who is this one I call the clown, 

Comes in and out of every town? 

You take a child of tender years, 

Fill with laughter, touch with tears. 

You live inside a sawdust ring,

A peg on which the circus clings; 

A whited face, a button nose, 

What is beneath, who is to know. 

A comic look of tragedy?

A tragic look of comedy?
Wise enough to know the fool, 

Kind enough to not be cruel;
A mask that ever hides your face, 

A shining light, a saving grace?

Who is this one I call the clown,
Comes in and out of every town?
Who is this one, what is your role,
When touching hearts, you touch the soul?


A Spiral Staircase

That which we call a spiral staircase is not actually a spiral at all. It is helical. A spitral is two dimensional, a helix is three dimensional.

At a rough estimate, 10% of the population are left handed solo called spiral staircases were usually designed to favour right handed so that a deciding swordsman could fight off right handed attackers. Listowel castle has such a staircase.

There is a chateau in the Loire valley in France which has a double helix staircase so that people coming down dont bump into people going up. Sounds like good sense to me.


A Covid Listowel Limerick

During Lockdown diversions we seek,

Of Zoom and of Facetime they speak.

On Liveline, a prude, while Trump talks of Jeyes Fluid.

And worse, no Listowel Writers’ Week 

Mattie Lennon.

Writers’ Week and shop windows

Bryan MacMahon at the railway station addressing a group during Writers’ week.

Sean MacCarthy and ?

Theresa Cahill and the late Mick Relihan

Ted Hughes in St. Johns

All photos are the property of John Pierse.


That was then , this is now.

Here is a selection of windows decorated for Mother’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day.


Just in: a brilliant photo from Michael Dillane of Stag employees on a trip to Germany.


This poor guy seems to have got his great marketing idea all wrong. Or are we being too sensitive?

Memories, memories!

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