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Remembering The Lartigue

My friend, Margo Anglim took this in a fjord in Norway


Unveiling a plaque to Remember the Lartique

Sean Moriarty and Denis O’Mahoney of The Lartigue Theatre Company admire the photo and plaque to commemorate Danny Hannon and Ireland’s smallest theatre in Kerry Writers’ Museum, close to the site where it all began 50 years ago.

This is a section of the audience who gathered to remember Danny and the great days of theatre in Listowel.

The Lartigue wasn’t just a theatre or even a group of players, the Lartigue was a family. Like other families the Lartigue holidayed together, travelled abroad together and chipped in together in whatever escapade Danny planned for them.

Danny and his volunteers literally built the theatre, painted it and manned it for 10 years.

Denis and Seán told us the history of the theatre company in entertaining and graphic detail. Neither man had a script they could share with me but I’m still hopeful they will put the history on paper for us.

faces in the crowd at the launch


The Plaza Cinema

Norma O’Connor, whose parents ran the cinema in The Plaza for years sent us some lovely old cinema posters.

The Plaza was built by Trevor Chute and he hired people to run it as a cinema. Norma’s mother started working in The Plaza in 1938. Norma’s father, who was an electrician, came to work there as a projectionist. He was still working there when he passed away suddenly in 1963. He actually died sitting in his car outside the cinema at the age of only 42.

Norma has had the posters folded up for years. She did her best to flatten them.

She also sent us the dates when these films were shown in The Plaza. Many of the film star’s names will be familiar to my older readers.

More next week…


An Uplifting Writers’ Week Story

Seán ÓDuibhir of Athenry and Bernie Carmody

One day during Writers’ Week, as I was going from one venue to another I happened upon an artist setting up his easel outside the hotel. I stopped to chat to him. He told me that he was Seán ÓDuibhir from Galway. He came to Listowel to met up with his sister who was here from the U.K. for Writers’ Week. I told him that I’d put him in my blog. He reached into his bag and he gave me a print of a picture he had done the day before.


Mallow and More

At Scoil Realt na Maidine, April 2022


In Mallow

Recently I made a brief pit stop in Mallow and I photographed a few landmarks there.

Mallow clock House
The Nation

Mallow is a strange mix of architectural styles.


Big Changes in Town in 1920


From the Pres. Yearbook 2002/03

School staff 2002/03


Moya Festival 2022

Let’s go fly a kite

Up to the highest height.

This was the scene in Ballybunion on the Saturday of the May bank holiday weekend 2022. MOYA goes from strength to strength.


Danny Hannon’s Shop

This was Hannon’s newsagent’s and book shop back in the day.

It’s now Gamourous.

I told you the other day that I bought my Frances Kennedy cd in that shop.

Mike Hannon is sharing marvellous old photos on Facebook. This is one of those, Eileen and Danny in the shop.


Danny Hannon R.I.P.

Ballybunion photo by Sharon of Simple Snaps by Sharon


Golf in Wartime

Ger Greaney found this one and posted it on Facebook.


Our Very Own Penny Black

A story from the 1983 Presentation Schools’ Magazine


+ Danny Hannon R.I.P.+

A Power is passing from the earth
To breathless Nature’s dark abyss;
But when the Mighty pass away
What is it more than this,

That Man, who is from God sent forth,
Doth yet again to God return?—
Such ebb and flow must ever be;
Then wherefore should we mourn?

We will not see the like of Danny Hannon again. We are so lucky that we did see not only his like but we saw the man himself.

Danny was a Colossus of the Arts. He was top and tail of artistic Listowel.


The most important person in Danny’s life was his dear dear wife, Eileen. They were inseparable.

Danny and Eileen in 2018, a picture of enduring love

Danny and Eileen were great supporters of local enterprises. Here they are with Noreen O’Connell in Craftshop na Mear.

Meeting the Hannon family on the street was always a treat.

Danny was always happy in the company of his friends. Whether in The Listowel Arms or Lynch’s, Danny loved to hold court.

This is the last photo I took of Danny Hannon. In the midst of a pandemic he had ventured from his home the short walk to the church.

Danny loved to travel. In his lifetime he travelled the world with his Lartigue Players.

In his declining years, when his health had deteriorated, Danny had everything he needed within easy reach of his home in The Square.

Danny left his mark on many many aspects of Listowel life. He was a builder, an auctioneer and a bookseller as well as a founder of The Lartigue Little Theatre, a founder of the George Fitzmaurice Appreciation Society, Listowel Writers’ Week’s first artistic director, supporter of St. John’s, Kerry Writers’ Museum and everything to do with Kerry writing and drama.

Danny with some of his Lartigue friends

Danny in his happy place, at his home in The Square with his beloved family on the occasion of his lifetime achievement award from Listowel Writers Week.

Danny’s funeral mass was celebrated in St. Mary’s Listowel on January 19 2022. We had songs from his beloved Listowel Folk Group who gave him his greatest triumph in John B. after Ten, poetry, prayers and laughter. The chief celebrant was Danny’s old schoolfellow and lifelong friend, Fr. Seamus Linnane.

Danny Hannon gave the eulogy at John B. Keane’s funeral. Fittingly Billy Keane returned the favour at Danny’s. He turned St. Mary’s into a theatre and the congregation into an audience. There were memories, anecdotes and even some audience participation as Danny was applauded off the stage in his beloved Listowel Town Square for the final time on January 19 2022.

May the sod rest lightly on his gentle soul.

John Kelliher’s footage of the funeral as it made its way through the streets of his beloved Listowel is at

Funeral of Danny Hannon

Listowel laid a favourite son to rest in the winter sunshine of Wednesday, January 19 2022.


In Lizzy’s, Ballybunion Community Market and New Coffee Shop on Church Street

In St. Anne’s Park, Raheny. Photo; Éamon ÓMurchú


Kildare Staycationers

The Kildare branch of the family love Listowel. Here are Tony and Mary McKenna from Newbridge enjoying lunch in Lizzy’s. Mary was excited to be photographed with celebrity chef, Lizzy Lyons and to meet her in the flesh.

This lovely couple were celebrating 42 years since they first met when Mary joined Bord na Mona in Newbridge and Tony was the first person she met on her first day.


Three Amigos

Not the three gentlemen of Verona but three gentlemen of Listowel.

Friends, Danny Hannon, Joe Murphy and Jed Chute enjoy a cup of coffee and a natter in Lynch’s, Main Street.


Memories of a Pres. Operetta

How about this for a trip down memory lane?


Ballybunion Community Market

This community market is just finding its feet with new stalls being added every week. It is a great way to spend a Saturday morning. It’s in the car park behind the community centre and it starts at 10.00a.m.

I only photographed a small few of the very diverse stalls.


Daisy Boo Barista

The streetscape of Church Street is changing rapidly. Another welcome new colourful addition is this charming coffee shop with a few extra delights in stock as well


Listowel Native Doing Well in the U.S.

Cora Creed/Universal Music Group

Cora Creed is the vice president of Digital Supply Chain Management at Universal Music Group in New York. Originally from Listowel, Co. Kerry, she came to the U.S. on a Donnelly Visa and “has never looked back.” She has almost 20 years experience and expertise in business transformation in the digital space, and has worked with leading brands like Napster, Sony, and EMI.

Cora believes that “Despite being one of the smallest nations on earth, [the Irish] have left an indelible mark,” as many aspects of Irish culture “have propagated to the four corners of the world.” She is also struck by the “incredible goodwill towards the Irish” that she finds on her travels abroad.

Cora is also a founding member and sits on the board of directors of Swazi Legacy, a nonprofit organization that assists marginalized and homeless young people in Swaziland. She will help lead a team from New York and Ireland to Swaziland in June to work with orphans at Manzini Youth Center.

Cora is married to Thomas Creed, also from Kerry and still very much considers Kerry home. Her mother Kathleen is from Kerry but now lives in London, and her father, Brendan, was from Dublin.

(From a website called Irish America 2016)

A Will, A Toilet, A Memory and a Request

Photo; Martin Moore


Ballybunion’s Shiny New Toilet Block

I took a look inside for you. It’s such an improvement on the old toilets. Our visitors will be delighted.


Where there is a will there is a way!

The old story about Irishmen and the great regard they have for their mothers is fully proven in this newspaper report from a U.S. newspaper, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans, Louisiana, of 12.2.1842. This exiled Irishman was prepared to stretch mathematics beyond all possibility in order to look after his mother in Ireland – even before the terrible Famine struck!

“A Job for Judge Bermudez.  An Irishman who died recently in this city made his last will and testament after this fashion: – “I order and direct that one half of the property of which I am now possessed – whether in moveable property, real estate, or otherwise – be given to my loving wife, one half to my only son, William, and the other half to my mother, in Ireland.”

Now the difficulty with his executors is this: after giving one half of the property to his loving wife, and another half to his only son, they are at a loss to scrape up a third half, the proceeds of which is to go to his mother, in Ireland!  Here is a knotty case for the Court of Probates.”

One presumes that his loving wife and son would settle for one-third apiece!


Remembering Happy Days in Scribes

In August 2012 this group met and knitted and nattered in Scribes of Church St. Much has changed since. Sad it’s over but glad it happened.


One of Listowel’s Living Legends

Look who I met when I was out for a walk in Listowel Town Square on Sunday afternoon, May 30 2021. None other than a man I greatly admire, Danny Hannon, looking fit and dapper, was returning home after a visit to the church.


A Long Shot

In 1990 a St. Michael’s Listowel football team played CBS Dingle in the final of The Dunloe Cup. The game was recorded but we don’t know by whom. Searches in the two schools and the home of the losing trainer proved fruitless. Maybe, just maybe, someone out there has a copy of that precious recording. John O’Flaherty tells me that games were sometimes recorded by pupils, some with commentary. We’d welcome a loan in any format.


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