Photo: Jim MacSweeney, Mallow Camera Club



I spent a very pleasant time exploring Tarbert on Saturday last.

I met Kim Heffernan who recognised a fellow Listowel woman and came to welcome me to Tarbert. Kim is a great supporter of Listowel Connection.

Coolahan is a Tarbert family name and Tarbert people are justifiably proud of their town’s long association with this family.


Mystery Solved

By our very own sleuth, Jim Ryan

I’ll post in a minute the link to the site Jim found explaining the reason behind putting animal heads on gentlemen’s, often in military uniform, bodies in portraiture.

Distinguished men were often painted wearing their medals and the pictures displayed with pride in drawing rooms.

It was only a matter of time before some animal lovers thought it only fair that animals who had given distinguished service to their country should receive the same treatment. The Dickin medal was the distinguished service medal awarded to animals and in these portraits many of the animals are depicted wearing it.

The medal was awarded 54 times between 1943 and 1949 – to 32 pigeons, 18 dogs, 3 horses, and a ship’s cat – to acknowledge actions of gallantry or devotion during the Second World War and subsequent conflicts. It is often referred to as the animal’s Victoria Cross. (Wikipedia)

This trend caught on and family pets and others were immortalised in portraits. They were portrayed as other members of the family in their best clothes.

This makes fascinating reading;

Animal Heads on Human bodies

Here is an example;

Rip is a mixed Terrier who would help the air raid warden and his team sniff out people hidden under the debris during the Blitz. He saved over 100 people and received a medal for bravery in 1945.


Ardfert at Easter

Here are some lovers of everything vintage at their annual get together in Ardfert on Easter Sunday.


Listowel’s Reimagined Town Square

Work in the outdoor seating and performance area has resumed. I have it from the horse’s mouth that the canopies are due to be installed starting on Sunday.

Yesterday, April 21 2022 in Listowel Town Square