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A Monday Medley

Photo shared by Eva Ní Shuilleabáin on Twitter

Áilleacht na radharcanna – the beauty of the scenery. ‘An Searrach’ is a sea stack located off the West Kerry coast and it is obvious why it is also known as ‘The Foal’. Kinard (Cinn Aird) West Kerry.

Caption and photo by Eva Ní Shuilleabháin


Sr. Consolata’s Memories continued

(From 2009 Pres. Secondary School Yearbook)


A Fact

Maybe you knew this. I didn’t. Ivana Bacik, the new leader of the Labour Party is the granddaughter of a Czech refugee. Her grandad, a factory owner, moved his family to Waterford in 1946. He was involved in the setting up of one of Ireland’s most iconic industries, Waterford Crystal.


Look Up

In many towns, the shopfronts are beautiful but the upper stories of the buildings on the street often look plain and a bit neglected. Not so Listowel. Look at some of these upper storey adornments in Church Street, Listowel.


We had Musicians and Dancers on St. Patrick’s Day 2022


Climb with Charlie

Image from the internet

This weekend all the talk was of Charlie Bird and the massive amount of money he had raised for his two chosen charities.

Celebrities came out in force to be part of the action. One of our biggest chain stores blared Charlie’s new old digitised message to us to the point of annoyance.

Songs were composed and sung. Mountains were nearly laid flat such were the throngs who scaled them.

Through it all I saw only one hero, the loving, patient, supportive Claire. I know what it’s like to watch someone you love deteriorate before your eyes. I know what it’s like to watch someone eat, fearing that any bite could choke him. I know what it’s like to love someone whose days are numbered. If only love could save him….

My heart goes out to Claire and all the unknown Claires, heroines in my eyes.


Dromclough and Ukraine

The very talented pupils and teachers in Dromclough National School have learned and performed a lovely Ukranian folksong. It’s well worth a listen.

Well done all.

Verbovaya Doschechka

Jimmy Hickey, Jimmy Deenihan, Namir Karim and a few photos from Cork

Yesterday, February 27 2017 in Listowel

Photo; Jerry Hannon on Facebook


Early Morning , Listowel Town Square, February 2017


Jimmy Hickey, Shoemaker and Dancer

Jimmy Hickey’s unique combination of talents is currently being recorded for posterity by Jimmy Deenihan. Jimmy has assembled a crew of video and sound recording specialists and he is recording the various aspects of this special Listowel man’s life.

As well as his work as a very successful dancing master, Jimmy also turns his hand to shoe repairs in his workshop in Listowel. Jimmy comes from a family of shoemakers. He brings his understanding of the importance of footwear to bear on both aspects of his life. When he is not tapping his heels in his dance classes, he is tapping his hammer in the shoemaker’s workshop.

Jimmy Deenihan decided that it was high time that this man’s unique talents were put on film. I was privileged to be present at Jimmy’s dance classes in Dromclough National School while the recoding was in progress. It was a joy to watch the master in action and to see the enthusiasm and the skill of his young pupils.

Two Jimmys; Jimmy Deenihan and Jimmy Hickey, passing on the torch to the next generation.

The team recording the dance class.

Jimmy Hickey speaking directly to camera about the dances and their history.

Learning from the Master: In time Jimmy Hickey’s  young pupils will appreciate how lucky they were to have learned the steps from a true dancing master in the age old tradition.

Dromclough is magnificent, well resourced school with an appreciation that a truly rounded education includes song and music, art and I.T. as well as the traditional three R’s.


In Cork’s North Main Street

When I saw this lovely little street sculpture on North Main Street last week I was reminded of a incident I witnessed on that same street some years ago. Dunnes Stores used to have a shop on that street. I was at the Customer Service Desk in the shop and I was behind a lady who was returning a bag of onions and asking if she could exchange them for a bag of carrots.


Giving Alms

There was a time when every shop counter had an array of alms boxes, often called mite boxes after the bible story of The Widow’s Mite. There used to be a green one with a three D “black baby” on top. Saint Anthony’s one was very popular because you could bribe him to help you find things. Every missionary society had its own one and they employed someone to come round and empty them regularly. Some of the boxes were anchored by a chain but the more trusting ones left their loot at the mercy of sneak thieves.

Are those boxes completely gone, I wonder?


Happy Ever After

Ryan Tubridy met Namir and Kay and he broadcast their extraordinary story

Namir is the proprietor of this very popular restaurant in Ballybunion. But who is Namir?

Namir Karim was born in Basra
in the south of Iraq. He was the eighth of ten children in his family.  He has seven brothers and two sisters. All of
their names begin with the letter N.  By
his own admission Namir was his mother’s pet. He loved to sit with her while
she knitted and he helped her to prepare and cook the family meals.

 Namir’s father worked in the port of Basra. There was a club there where the
British socialized. Namir’s father worked in the club and Namir and his family
lived side by side with the British and enjoyed the same lifestyle, casinos,
discos and music. Then the Iran Iraq war started in 1980 and soldiers moved into
Basra from all over Iraq to protect the port. It was the end of the good times.

Namir was raised as a
Chaldean Catholic. This form of
Catholicism is like a pre Vatican 2 version of Roman Catholicism. They
acknowledge the authority of the pope and have the sacraments. Women still
cover their heads in church and the priest celebrates mass with his back to the

Namir has family scattered all around the world. Some like Namir
are fleeing war, others went to college in Britain or America and never came
back to Iraq.

Namir has told his story on
radio and television in Ireland and he has been asked about Iraq, about Saddam
Hussein and life there . Saddam was a
cruel dictator. His people lived in fear. Because it was forbidden for an Iraqi
to socialize with a foreigner, Namir took big risks to be with Kay.

 Happy wife; Happy life, is Namir’s motto

1995 was a happy year for
Namir and Kay. Kay decided to enter Namir into a competition to select the
Husband of the Year. The competition was run by The Star newspaper and an RTE
programme called Twelve to One. Kay wrote a short essay describing why she
thought Namir was special. She described how he had given up everything to be
with her. He left home and family to “take a chance on me” she said.

Namir won the competition and was declared Husband of the Year.

He is still Kay’s Husband of the Year to this day.

Call in to him in Namir’s in Ballybunion or Scribes in Listowel.

My Silver River Feale, Dromclough, St. Mary’s and Fungie

My Silver River Feale

“My heart tonight is lonely for my sireland,

Though many miles of ocean lie between,

My heart tonight is home again in Ireland

Upon thy banks, my silver River Feale.”

The words of Bryan MacMahon are the inspiration behind a beautiful piece of jewellery soon to be unveiled in Craftshop na Méar.

This is Eileen Moylan of Claddagh Designs pictured at her work bench in Macroom.

This is a sneak preview of her Listowel piece, My Silver River Feale which will be launched in Craftshop na Méar, Listowel on Saturday May 31 2014 as part of Listowel Writers’ Week fringe. The solid silver hallmarked piece will be available as a pendant, bracelet or cuff links. The design shows St. John’s, Listowel Castle and The Bridge over The Feale.

If you love Listowel you will want one of these.

Everyone is welcome to the launch. Standing room is limited. We will have to close the doors when the shop is full so come early and browse some of the lovely crafts in the shop. We plan to have a little music, a few nibbles and a video showing how the silver piece was designed and crafted. Owen MacMahon, son of the author of My Silver River Feale will be the guest of honour on the night,

May 31 2014 at 7.00 p.m.


A newspaper picture of the opening of Dromclough National School


St. Mary’s in Listowel Square is due to close its doors for refurbishment for the months of June and July 2014. Daily masses will be celebrated in St. John’s and Sunday Mass in St. Michael’s College.

Below are some photos of the lovely interior of our parish church.


Fungie the Dingle dolphin

Two more recent action shots from his friends at Fungie Forever


Nano Nagle award

Eileen Keane, Acting Vice Principal, Clodagh Kissane with her Nano Nagle Award and Elaine Kinsella who presented the awards on Awards Day at Presentation Secondary School, Listowel


March 17 2013 in Listowel and a Glasgow Celtic connection

This is Listowel town square on March 17 2013 as the crowd waits for the annual parade to come up Bridge Rd.

some well known faces marching with the Gaelscoil
section of the crowd

Dromclough dancers

A Polish dog


A clip of John Stack’s dancers from St. Patrick’s Day 2013


Another event which took place on March 17 was a cycle from Listowel to Abbeyfeale in support of the extension of The Great Southern Way. I met this pair in The Square on their way home after their round trip.


A very successful St. Patrick’s weekend Gathering event was Tralee International Marathon


In my old yearbook from 1992 I found a very interesting article where some girls wrote about their famous granduncles.

Here are two of the accounts

My great
grand uncle founded Glasgow Celtic

Mairéad Mahony, 1 Bríd 

It wasn’t
through Packie  Bonner, our famous
football star, that I became a fan of Glasgow Celtic.  My interest began years before that as my
great-grand uncle, Fr. John Foley (1860 – 1953), was one of the founders of the
club.  He died in his native Tralee in
the 93rd year of his life and 64th year of his

            He frequently paid the rent of the
club’s first pitch out of his own pocket. 
Fr. Foley was in his younger days a crack athlete, a first-class boxer,
cricketer, footballer and walker.  When
he was over 60, a walk of twenty miles in four hours was nothing to him.

            He was a man to make you turn and
stare in the street.  Even in his
advanced  years he had the build of a
giant and the springing walk of a perfectly trained athlete.

            I am really proud to see how well
Glasgow Celtic, which he helped to found, has done since.

Patrick Joseph Keane, Sacramento

Ciara O’Connor, 1 Bríd 

My great
grand-uncle, Patrick Joseph Keane, was born in Barraduff, Lisselton on 6th
January, 1852.  He was educated at St.
Michael’s College, Listowel and later at St. Patrick’s College, Carlow.

             Pope Pius X1 appointed Fr. Keane as auxiliary
to Bishop Grace of Sacramento on 10th September, 1920.  After the death of Bishop Grace, Fr. Keane was
appointed Bishop of Sacramento.  He was
responsible for updating the historic Sacramento Cathedral.  Bishop Keane died on 1st
September, 1928.

            The family of Bishop Keane was indeed
a distinguished one.  Bishop Keane’s
brother was Governor of Assam from 1932 until he died at the age of 63 in
London.  He had served as State Secretary
in India from 1917 to 1921. 

            Bishop Keane had another two
brothers, Rev. W. Keane who was Parish Priest in Killorglin, and Rev. John
Keane who was a Jesuit in St. Francis Xavier’s, Gardiner Street, Dublin.

            I am very proud of my great
grand-uncles as, indeed are his relatives to this day in the parish of


For my Cork followers

The Coal Quay/Cornmarket St. 1905

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