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West Clare Railway; a Listowel Connection and Ballincollig Fairy Trail

In the Gap of Dunloe

photo: Chris Grayson


Every Picture Tells a Story

This photo was shared on a site about old Dublin. It was taken in 1917 in the Dublin National Shell Factory and it shows women transporting shells to a storehouse.


In a Clare Railway Station

This photo is in the archives in Co. Clare Library and this is the caption;

Kilkee Railway Station, Mary T. Hynes and Mick Lenihan from Listowel, the last station master of Kilkee Railway station photographed in the station.

The year is given as 1956 and the donors of the photo to the library are Ignatius Lenihan and Mary T. Hynes


I’ve been away with the fairies

Many towns nowadays are pandering to the demand for dwellings for  the fairy folk. Ballincollig has a lovely small trail with fairy houses and fairy stuff galore.

This is th waterfall Ballincollig Regional Park. The Fairy Trail is nearby.

As in real life, so it is in Fairyland. Some fairy folk are rich and have lovely houses, some have to work hard, repairing wings and collecting baby teeth and some just put their names on a door and disappear.


Third Generation Healy is a Front Page Photographer

This photo of the Irish Field front page was tweeted by Healyracing. They are so proud to see the legacy is secure.

Someone in heaven is smiling right now.

Derrynane, loom band bracelets, Rory McIlroy and a mural in Athea

Tarbert goes west

When I arrived for my break in The Derrynane Hotel I was surprised to see so many Tarbert people in the hotel lobby. It transpired that Joan Murphy was with a Tarbert group on a historical tour of the peninsula when they called in to meet their old friends, David and Mary O’Connor in the Derrynane Hotel before going home.

The hotel is a lovely family run, family friendly retreat in an absolutely beautiful corner of this lovely county.

The view from my hotel room window. The seagull came every morning.

Food miles are kept to a minimum here. This is the hotel’s herb garden. 

The O’Connors believe in supporting local producers and everywhere you looked in the hotel, there were local crafts on display and in use.


Derrynane Fairy Trail

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a big fan of the fairy folk and this summer, in the company of my lovely grandchildren, I have enjoyed many fairy related experiences. 

Derrynane is the best.

The woods are dense and the path surrounded by lush greenery. A great habitat for fairies.

The little fairy houses are beautifully constructed and often concealed in the trees. Looking for them was part of the fun.

This is the fairy restroom, a kind of public toilet for fairies who might find themselves short taken while out and about in the woods.

There is a ruined tower in the wood. Nearby a fairy architect has designed a replica for his fairy client.

I have given you just a taste of this magical place. The Fairy trail is in the woods beside Derrynane House. When you are finished visiting the fairies, you can have tea in the tearooms and visit Daniel O’Connell’s chariot. Derrynane beach is also within walking distance so this is an ideal place for a day out with small ones. 


Loom Banding; Summer 2014’s craze

Three year old Cora gets to grips with her loom.

 So many bands, so little time!

You can also make loom bracelets on your fingers.


Garvey’s Super Valu are having a loom banding day on July 25th next with demonstrations and competitions galore.

By the way I could swear that I noticed that Rory McIlroy wore a band bracelet throughout the Open and his mother was wearing one on Sunday. Rory’s Sunday one matched that fashion mistake of  a grey and pink get up that Nike kitted him out in.


Savannah McCarthy

(Photo from Listowel Celtic’s  page)

Savannah and the Ladies U19 Football team will play their semi final in the European Championship on Thursday July 24 2014.


Homeward Bound

Photo: Athea Tidy Towns

Lovely study of  man and  horse. I love the way the absolute trust between man and beast is conveyed…reins loose and hand in pocket, both in working mode yet totally relaxed…perfect harmony  and understanding.

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