Art and Artists in Newcastlewest in Spring 2016

Billy Keane, who opened Colourful Spirits’ art exhibition in Newcastlewest on March 3 2016 reminded us that North Kerry and West Limerick are really a close unit. We sound the same, we are equally creative and we have a mutual understanding. West Limerick people opened their doors to Kerry artists on March 3 2016 and they turned out in numbers to view what their neighbors had to show them.

This is one of the great pictures on display in The Red Door. It’s called Human Nature. It was among my favorites on the night.

 Susan Hitching is one of the artists in Colourful Spirits. Her friend, Vincent O’Brien, was on hand to lend his support on opening night.

Jim Dunn can surely capture the rapture of a musician engrossed in his art.

 This picture was inspired by Liam Brennan’s memories of being an altar boy in St. Mary’s, Listowel.

Artists and friends listen to Billy Keane in The Red Door Gallery, The Square Newcastlewest .



Roger Casement is a man who will be commemorated in Kerry as one of the biggest heroes of The 1916 Rising. Mike O’Donnell has written about and sketched Roger Casement for some time now. He sent me this super study of Casement which he sketched especially for Listowel Connection.

Muskerry Local History Society will hold the below lecture in Ballincollig Rugby Club on Monday March 21 2016

Monday, 21 March,Casement and the Aud

A talk given by Philip Johnston who
has dived on the wreck of the Aud for the past 20 years. The talk will include
Casement’s trip to Germany, the transport of 25,000 guns for rebellion and the
arrest and scuttling of the Aud on its approach to Cork Harbour.


Farran Wood

If you have ever gone to Cork through Macroom you will have passed a sign for Farran Wood. Farran is one of the woodland areas that Coillte have developed as a visitor attraction.

It’s early in the season yet so the zip wire attraction which lets you swing like a monkey from tree to tree was not yet in operation for 2016.

A trip to Farran is a walk through woodland and by the lake and the river. It has a playground and picnic area and the place is alive with animal life and birdsong.

A walk in the woods

 Many of the attractions are made from recycled materials and wood.

 Hang in there, Róisín.

 Skimming pebbles

The picnic area


At Listowel Races

Photo; Shannonside Annual