In Glenlohane, Co. Cork in April 2024

Ceramacist with a Listowel Connection

This lovely figurine is the work of the late Kathleen Cox. She was featured on the National Treasures programme on RTE on Sunday April 28 2024.

Cox was born in China and lived there until she was 7. Her family moved to Listowel before eventually settling in Dublin.. Her father was a doctor.

Kathleen Cox studied under the master sculpture, Oliver Sheppard. She won many prizes and the prize money funded a sojourn in Paris.

“During her time there, Cox met a stranger who was threatening to commit suicide using his revolver. She intervened by throwing his gun into the River Seine. Although the artist saved the stranger’s life, he was furious that she got rid of his gun and insisted that she pay him the value of the gun, which she did in small installments. This outrageous episode demonstrates Cox’s empathy, kindness and gentle nature, which also reflected in many of her artworks.” ( RTE website)

This piece, entitled Woman carrying Something, is typical of the pieces she created at her Dublin studio and sold in her shop. It is now in the National Museum.

In the 1930s she became disillusioned with the whole art scene and smashed her moulds and closed her studio and shop. She passed away in 1972.

Another Hen

Another poet with Tralee roots was prompted by the story of poet performer, John Foley, to send us his own poem about poultry.

Michael O’Callaghan now lives in Wexford.

Rhodie The Escapee

It was Saturday evening in Charlotte Close

With the weather so chilly it would give you a dose

I was strolling out for my evening walk.

When I heard what I thought was fowl talk

A clucking Rhode Island Red Hen was cheerily strutting.

Proud as punch to be hen hopping

Up along the path while her feathers she was preening.

She progressed along with her little hen steps.

But now it was darkening so Rhodie got a pep in her step.

As she searched for a spot to coop up for the night

The owner was made aware of Rhodies plight.

But Rhodie was safely tucked up out of sight.

We called off the search till Sunday morning light.

I was out walking on my morning nature quest.

Parading with Stella my weekend French bulldog canine guest

She was straining on her lead with all her might

As a Clucking Rhode Island Red hen came into her sights.

The Rhode Island, the wild one which escaped from her pen.

Was parading down Charlotte well after ten.

It was time once again to phone the distressed owner.

Who came round quite quickly to rescue her Rhodie, the loner

But Rhodie was not receptive to her rescuing gestures                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Choosing instead to play hide and seek with her pesters

And so, word was sent out to our Charlotte neighbours

Seeking help in arresting our avian transgressor .

Who is really performing like an avian messer

We begin a chick chick chick chick chick chick tune

Being voiced in 6-part harmony just around noon

And then from within the hedge a faint avian sound was heard.

Poor Rhodie was trapped in a fork in the hedge.

All rescuers now go down on their knees

And peer through the hedge and are ready to weep.

A neighbour now sees a gap in the hedge 

Where she sees our poor Rhodie out on a ledge

She puts in both hands to grasp our poor hen

And has her rescued in less than ten. 

She reintroduces her to freedom in Charlotte Close

And hands her over to Rosie her owner who lives near The Close.

Mick O Callaghan


Do You Remember?

(From the internet)

A Fact

The Empire State Building in New York opened in 1931