Schiller in The Garden of Europe at Easter 2024

Celebrating Easter

On Good Friday a huge crowd turned up for the annual Hospice fundraising walk.

Some old stalwarts still helping out

Meanwhile in Athea they were praying an outdoor Way of the Cross

Meeting an Old Friend

I met Dolores O’Connor and a young friend on one of the finer days .

Glory Days!

Finches in Kanturk

In my homeplace the focus has shifted temporarily from horses to finches. These little birdies are attracted to the new bespoke finch feeder filled with their favourite nibble. It wasn’t mealtime when I visited and a big bully of a bullfinch was scaring off all the lovely little goldfinches.

The feeder is positioned outside a big glass door so hours are spent observing the antics of these lovely feathered friends. The record so far is 40 birds either feeding or waiting on the fence for their turn at the table.

A Fact

Chocolate eggs at Easter first appeared in the court of Louis XIV. Before that, and in some countries the tradition is still carried on, real eggs were painted red and displayed to signify the blood of Christ.