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A St Michael’s 1970 old boy and Covid 19 notices on Church Street

Stunning Photograph from Ita Hannon

North Kerry has some amazing subjects on offer for the Nature photographer. North Kerry has some amazing locations for anyone interested in photography. These two advantages are exploited to the max by the artistic talents and superb eye of Ita Hannon of Beale. In a North Kerry area where we have so many excellent photographers, I think that no one would dispute that Ita is one of the best.


A St. Michael’s Old Boy

First of all let me explain why I am putting up this photo again. Many people find their way to Listowel Connection by Googling for something else, e.g. St. Michael’s. Google will bring them directly to the relevant page so they will have no context if I refer to yesterday’s picture, unless I include the picture.

This particular picture has had a resonance with many of the men in the photo. One of these is John Hynes. John now divides his time between Ireland and Spain. When he emailed me he reminded me that he is also in a photo in the centenary commemorative St. Michael’s book.

This is the photo of John with Brendan Kenny in St. Michael’s on the last day of their Leaving Cert. Boys carried their books in those days. It was uncool to have a schoolbag.

Interestingly St. Michael’s boys didn’t have a uniform back then. I think it came in Fr. Horgan’s time.

John Hynes sent this photo of himself, Maurice O’Sullivan and Stephen Stack taken outside Madge Regan’s in Church Street.

John’s family owned The New Kingdom when they lived in town. John remembers  happy days spent playing soccer in The Square and the Cows Lawn

John Hynes a few years ago with his friend, Jimmy Deenihan.


Church Street in Lockdown in 2020

Many of the business owners in town left an explanatory note for their absence during lockdown. I have photographed a few.

Brigita at Scribes left a framed notice advising us to stay safe. I’m looking forward to rerturning to my knitting group who meet here.

Lees Solicitors notice was business like and formal.

Konnect had one of the most readable and clear signs.

The Barber’s is closed. Aoife left a heartfelt note of concern for all of us.

Sunny’s Hairdressers expressed great concern for staff and customers.

It is testament to the speed with which the lockdown came that many businesses had no time to prepare a notice. Many are handwritten. This one on a page torn from a diary says it all. The page is a Sunday one when the business was closed.  The shop will now remain closed for months. Every day is a Sunday.

Short and to the point at The Hair Gallery.

Liz and Mags will be back soon. Meanwhile they are  remaining mellow.

Altered Images, as well as all the hairdressers are closed

John R’s is open with reduced hours and no café.

The Star and Garter injected a bit of humour into the situation.

New protocols including a one way system are in operation  at Listowel Garden Centre.

Nothing happening at Listowel Physiotherapy Clinic

Larry’s is open.

Variety is the spice of life.

Bromore Cliffs, Thomas Moore and Covid Queueing and last Week’s just a Thought


Listowel Credit Union Building in Church Street in May 2020


Good News from Bromore Cliffs

We are open again since Monday 18th of May ! the Seapink and Vetch are in full bloom.  The Bromore Fox had three cubs. The Ravens fledged two chicks and all the other birds and wildlife are busy high and low on the Cliffs


Róisín Meaney is on Song

Earl Grey in the garden for me,

Or maybe a large g&t;

I won’t let this jazz

Steal my razzmatazz,

To covid I won’t bend the knee

Róisín Meaney


Are you Right there, Thomas, are you right?

Boston Pilot (1838-1857), Volume 1, Number 47, 15 December 1838



It having become known to the inhabitants of Fermoy that the high-minded and disinterested patriot, Moore, was sojourning at Convamore, the seat of Lord Listowel, a meeting was held in that town on the 22d ult. to frame an address to him on his visit to the land whose wrongs, whose sorrows, and whose sufferings he has immortalised in song. It was intended that the address should be presented by deputation, but the sudden departure of Mr. Moore having prevented the adoption of this course, Counsellor O’Flanagan (author of “ Impressions at ‘Home and Abroad,”) who acted as secretary to the meeting, forwarded it to his residence. We insert, with much pleasure the address and answer, confident that every Irishman must feel proud of any tribute paid to the writer of Those songs whose every tone, When bard and minstrel long have past, Shall still in sweetness all their own Embalmed by fame undying last.



Bowood, October 5. Dear Sir —Owing to my absence from home, your letter and the flattering address from the inhabitants of Fermoy which it enclosed, did not reach me till this morning, and I lose not a moment in endeavouring to express to you how truly sensible I am of the value of the high compliment thus conferred upon me. I should feel too vain could I, for a moment, persuade myself that my own deserts were in any degree proportionate to the generous estimate set, upon them by my fellow-countrymen. Such tributes, however are not less gratifying for the kind excess of praise over merit in which they indulge ; and, for myself, I can only say that, accustomed as I am to such overflows of heart from my countrymen, I still feel them with all the freshness of my first gratitude and surprise. Wishing every happiness to you and the other unknown but kind friends who have thus honoured me, I am, dear Sir, your

Obliged servant,

To J. R. O’Flanagan, Esq., Fermoy.


Follow the Yellow Brick Road

We are becoming familiar with yellow markings like these on the pavements. They mark where we are to stand while queueing.


Leaving Cert 1970; a few more names

By email;  Re the St Michael’s photo.. I think Stephen Stack in middle of second row.. And myself John Hynes  second last in middle row.


Covid Thoughts

My last week’s reflections are at the link below

Just a Thought

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