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WW1survivor, John Moore, Café Hanna , Young Adult Bookfest 2018 and Ballydonoghue Parish Magazine

Photo: Jim MacSweeney


A Soldier of the Great War and many other wars as well (and with a Listowel connection)

On the centenary of Armistice Day, Tom Dillon, who is our local war expert, gave an entertaining and educational talk on some local aspects of WW1.

Present at that lecture was another local historian, Martin Moore. Martin had contributed some of his family memorabilia to the exhibition that accompanied the talk. On Facebook I found that he had talked to his dad on Armistice Day about the family hero of the war.

Here is what Martin wrote on Nov. 11 2018

“First World War ended 100 years today, one of the greatest conflicts of humankind. This was remembered tonight at a most dignified event organised by historian Tom Dillon and hosted by Cara. It was nice to sit down with my dad who is nearly ninety years. His uncle John served with the New Zealand forces in those eventful years ..from Gallipoli, Egypt and France. He survived the War even though wounded in 1917. One of the lucky ones. John Moore’s army life brought him to the 5 Continents and he was decorated by the King of Serbia along the way!! 

Remembered on this day by his family”

Martin Moore’s picture of his father, Michael holding photographs and medals of his uncle, John.

It sounds to me like there is material for another history talk in that man’s life. 


Lovely Old Photo

(Taken by Johnny Hannon R.I.P.)

I’m sure there are people who immediately recognise these ladies.


Listowel Food Fair 2018

Listowel Food Fair is going from strength to strength. This year I had lunch for the over 50s in Allos, brunch in Café Hanna, a demonstration of Lithuanian cooking in Scribes, the food trail to Jumbos, The Listowel Arms, John B.’s and Lizzies and on Sunday I enjoyed the craft and food market. I only got to a faction of the many events organised for this year’s event.

If you like getting dressed up, there was a gala dinner in The Listowel Arms with a kind of Oscars of the food world. There was a grand opening too and all kinds of talks and demonstrations. If you missed it this year be sure to put it on your list of marvellous festivals in Listowel for 2019.

I met Carol and Phil at the brunch in John R.’s Café Hanna.

Cliona McKenna was my dining companion.

This was the super menu. We both had the eggs Benedict and pancakes, me blueberries, she red velvet.

Here is Billy McSweeney telling me yet another tale.


Listowel Writers’ Week Young Adult Bookfest 2018

This marvellous one day event began life a s part of Listowel Writers’ Week June festival. The timing was not ideal for secondary school students who were usually doing end of year exams at this time. It was decided to change the date and this new stand -alone one day event took place for the first time in 2017. It was such a success that this year’s event sold out in jig time.

On November 16 2018 over 800 secondary school pupils, mostly Transition Year and Fifth Year students gathered in Listowel Community Centre for a feast of educational and entertainment.

Máire Logue is seen here commissioning two of the outdoor volunteers for their traffic duties. As you can appreciate buses and cars had to be marshalled into position to make sure everyone got to the venue safely and on time.

John Kelliher took this photo of the outdoor crew, Jim Dunn, Mike Lynch, Rose Wall and Tom Dillon. They did a great job in fairly showery and cold conditions.

 Liz and Elma were busy directing the audience to their allocated seats.

Seán McCarthy and Joanna O’Flynn helped early arrivals to take a selfie.

 Eilish Wren and Mairead Costelloe were busy meeting and greeting.

Rhona Tarrant was MC for the day. Here she is looking over her notes on the running order.

Teachers, Mary Twomey and Gerard Tarrant were enjoying the day.


Ballydonoghue Parish Magazine 2018

Saturday morning November 17 2018 and Eason Listowel gets its first drop of Ballydonoghue Parish Magazines

The people behind this magazine have brought us another cracker. Parish magazines are becoming a rarity. It’s hard to find dedicated people to collect the stories, take the photographs, edit, proofread and lay out the journal. And then they have to launch and distribute it. Its a mammoth task. I take my hat off to the great people who keep Ballydonoghue Parish going year after year.

Each year’s publication is eagerly awaited by the Lisselton diaspora. Postage charges have gone through the roof and it means that to buy a magazine and post it is now costs the bones of €30. I beg you to continue sending it. It means a lot to people missing home.

I caught up with the delivery detail again as they made their drop in Flavin’s of Church Street.


+ R.I.P.  Weeshie Fogarty+

Photo: Radio Kerry

Fun in the snow in the 1960s and a Daly family from Listowel

The ball is over and this Cinderella lost her shoe in her hurry to get home. I went to The Island on Friday and Saturday and I took lots of photos. I’ll share them with you over the next few days.


Maura MacConnell was trawling through her brother’s album and she came upon this atmospheric photo. According to the caption it was taken on “The Island”. This is what local people call the racecourse.

The boys who are enjoying themselves in the snow are Denis Keane ,Marty Sheehy, ? , Frank Murray and Maura’s brother Tony Fealy. Is the boy in the centre another Sheehy?

(more from the Fealy album tomorrow)


Two new posts.

A new writer in residence and a new film maker in
residence have been announced for Kerry.

Noel O’ Regan is the writer in
residence in Kerry. He is the recipient of a Leonard A. Koval Memorial Prize
and was a prize winner in the Writing Spirit Award.

Michael Kelly has taken up the
position of film maker in residence in the county.

His career includes shooting and
directing documentaries and short films, plus music videos for various artists
including Lisa Hannigan and The Rubberbandits.

His ambition for the residency
includes a 48 hour film making challenge during the Kerry Film Festival.

writer and film maker in residence provides mentoring for established and
emerging writers and film makers

(source; Radio Kerry)


Julie Mills is new to these pages. She gave me a run down on her Listowel connection and she is eager to hear any news of people who might remember her folks in Listowel.

Here is her email;

“Interest in my Irish ancestry started with a photograph of my Great Grandmother Katherine Moore nee Burke, if only because of the somewhat startling resemblance I have with that of Katherine.   The 1901 census shows Katherine married to John Moore, HeadWaiter at the Listowel Arms Hotel.

Their daughter Hanora married my Grandfather Patrick Daly in Listowel 1916.

Patricks father was Mathew Daly, born CO. Longford.   He is shown in the 1901 census as retired RIC and Courthouse Keeper.  Mathew was married to Maria O’Hare from Tipperary.   As far as I know the last of Patrick’s direct family lived in Listowel until the death of his sister, Susan  Daly in the mid 70’s.

I recently found on-line a distant cousin in Cork who was able to share a great deal of information on the family.  But I would love to know more.  Some of the Daly’s and Moore’s emigrated to the States but we have lost touch with their descendants.”

Grandparents Patrick and Honora Daly

Great grandmother Katherine Daly

Great Grandmother Maria Daly


Ireland’s Best GAA fan lives in Listowel

A passionate Mayo fan has won a trip to the All-Ireland final this weekend.

Martin Trench, a Mayo man living in Listowel in Co Kerry, won the title of Ireland’s ‘Best GAA Fan’ – thanks to Ulster Bank, the official sponsors of the GAA Football All-Ireland Championship.

Martin will be presented with a €5,000 prize of a home makeover and a ticket to the GAA All-Ireland Senior Football final on Sunday.

Ulster Bank asked GAA supporters to submit their most passionate and dedicated stories, pictures and videos that demonstrate the lengths they go to support their county.

And the above video shows how the Mayo-mad fan won it with his impressive collection – including the bonnet of his car painted in red and green.

Speaking about his win, Martin said: “I’m absolutely delighted and I’m still in shock. I’m proud to say I am now officially Ireland’s ‘Best GAA Fan’.

“I look forward to travelling up to Dublin in my Peugeot 406 with the Mayo crest displayed proudly on the bonnet.

“Seeing Mayo take on Dublin in Croke Park will be a dream come true.”

Over 2,000 fans were surveyed as part of the competition and a whopping 84% admitted they would cut short a summer holiday to come home and watch their county play in an All-Ireland final at Croke Park.

Despite the recession, two in five (41%) claimed they would give-up a €5,000 winning lottery ticket if it meant their team would win the All-Ireland .

But Mayo fans polled much higher when asked if winning an All-Ireland Football title is worth much more than the €5,000 prize – with two thirds (64%) saying it was.

Ulster Bank GAA ambassador and Kerry GAA legend Kieran Donaghy said: “It’s great to see Martin win the title of Ireland’s ‘Best GAA Fan’, although it would be better if he supported Kerry rather than Mayo.

“The ‘Best GAA Fan’ competition showed just how many dedicated fans we have in Ireland who will go to any lengths to support their county.

“I hope Martin and his family have a great experience at the GAA Football final in Croke Park.”

(Source: Irish Mirror)

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