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Sive in John B.’s

Listowel Arms 2004


Sive in John B.’s

This is artist Moira Keane and publican Billy Keane. I took the photo in John B.’s on Aug 25 2022 when Moira came from her home in Galway to sign the mural she had painted when she was a young art teacher in town.

Billy put on a great show for her.

We started with Micky MacConnell.

He sang a Galway song especially for Moira. We were back with Mickey and his first love “busking in Eyre Square” having arrived in his old car, Flattery, which got him everywhere.

Then, Gabriel Fitzmaurice, another John B. regular, read a poem or two for us.

In honour of the occasion, the Lartigue Little Theatre Group were staging a special performance of the closing scene in Sive. Denis Mahoney explained to us that it was difficult to adapt it for this small intimate venue, but the cast had pulled out all the stops for this special night.

There is something special about seeing the play performed in the house where it was written.

Con Kirby was excellent in the role of the “withered old lurgadawn of a man”, the lecherous Seán Dota.

Katie Lucey was “the sweet flower of the canavaun” as Sive.

That match was never going to work.

Pats Bacach (Mike Moriarty) put the heart crossways in us as he summoned Carthalawn (Brendan Kennelly) to curse Tomsásheen Seán Rua who had made the match.

When Liam Scuab enters carrying the body of Sive, everyone is chastened.

Con Kirby, Laura Shine Gumbo and Jimmy Moloney

Those who should have cared for Sive have let their own unhappy situations lead them for a mad moment into believing that this match was the right thing to do.

Sive is a marvellous play. I grew up in an Ireland that had only recently come out of that awful era. I feel sympathy for every one of those characters.


Heatwave a hundred years ago


Priests Leap, old photos, Ceol Soul Podcasts and The Great Flu of 1918

Beautiful Ireland

These stunning images of a beautiful little place called Priests’ Leap on the Cork Kerry border were taken by Cathal Noonan


Ireland in 1935

Poor Fr. Creed would be scandalised if he were to see today’s young ladies.


Jill Friedman

In the 1970s and 80s, photographer, Jill Friedman was a frequent visitor to Kerry  and she often stayed in Listowel. Below are some of her photographs from her book recording her visits

These photos were taken in Listowel and Finuge


A Podcast Recommendation

Katie Lucey is a young Listowel lady. She is embarking on a new venture, recording podcasts with Irish artists, not just musical artists but people who are important in the Irish Arts scene.

Katie with Sean Keane who she interviewed during his recent trip to Listowel for a sold out concert in St. John’s.

I remember Katie when she wore the brown uniform of Pres. Secondary School. She is at the other side of the desk now.

Here is a link to Katie’s podcast channel. Enjoy her first interview with the great Seán Keane.

Ceol Soul


A Story from the last Pandemic

Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh on the Late Late Show referred to his aunt who died in New York in 1918.  His nephew Joe posted The Keryman account of her death on Twitter.

Death of Nellie Moriarty of Dún Síon

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