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A Christmas Card, Xtravision is Closing and some properties for sale

Our  crib looks lovely in The Square.


A Story of a Christmas Card in the digital age

This card made my day.

Here is the back story.

The card was sent to me by a lovely lady called Nancy Kelly. Nancy grew up in O’Connell’s Avenue but she has lived in London for many years now. She loves to keep in touch with home through Listowel Connection. She enjoys the photographs and the stories and even though her eyesight is poor now, she made the effort to write me a card to say thanks.

Now here is the extraordinary part. Nancy is my digital friend. We have never met and have never corresponded except on Facebook. So Nancy did not know my address. This is what she did.

Wasn’t that so thoughtful of her?

Betty passed the card to me but she wasn’t too good at explaining to me who this lovely lady was. On the day I collected the card from Betty, I met my good friend, Dolores O’Connor, in The Flying Saucer. 

I showed Dolores my lovely card, told her the story and I asked her if she knew Nancy.

I think what happened next is called synchronicity.

Would you believe this; Dolores now lives in the house where Nancy once lived.

Since getting the card, I have mentioned Nancy to several Listowel friends. Nancy’s family, the Murphys is remembered well by Listowel people.

I met Martin Griffin in Tralee.  He is a real life as well as a digital friend of Nancy’s. He too got a Christmas card which set a challenge for the postal service.

Junior remembers Nancy well and he asked me to convey his best wishes to her.

Nancy’s card forged an uplifting warm Listowel connection for us all.

So, in case you were thinking of cutting back on the cards, don’t. A card can mean a lot.


Some of the manyListowel Cards available locally


Closing Down

With the advent of Netflix, Pandora etc. business has dried up for DVD rental shops. Xtra Vision on Market St. is closing down.


One Down, Two to Go

The old schoolhouse in Dromerin has been sold.

The below two are on the market


In Bank of Ireland

The bank ran a Christmas card competition for primary school pupils. The winners are displayed in the bank


New Kid on the Block on Charles Street

Jer Kennelly’s mart photos

Jer Kennelly of Knockanure, a great archivist and preserver of our heritage has shared these photographs taken in Listowel Livestock Mart with us.

If you recognise someone or if you know who this group is and why they were at the mart, please email me at

best mart picture

Tom Fitzgerald took this fab. picture earlier today.

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