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Beal, Listowel Military Tattoo 2016 and Irish titles and winners at The Kingdom County Fair 2016

Ita Hannon’s Beal

Another stunning shot from Ita Hannon.


Cork Steam train

Photo shared by Patrick J. O’Shea


People I met at The Listowel Military Tattoo

 Tom McElligott and family enjoying the Living History Display

Trish Curtin was chatting to a soldier.

Joan and P.J. Kenny brought their weekend visitors, daughter Caroline and her fiancé, Tadhg Mulchinock to see the mock battle.

The Bombshell Belles were everywhere, joining in any high jinks.


Irishmen and their Titles

There has been much mention recently of The O’Rahilly. This set me to wondering why he was The One rather than all the other O’Rahillys. I have a slight interest here since I have a first cousin married to a Rahilly ( no O or The or anything).

Where did Michael Joseph O’Rahilly, Republican, get the title?

According to Wikipedia, he gave it to himself.

Traditionally the chief of a clan was called The…..

The following information is from the New Zealand Tablet, Volume XIX, Issue 41, 17 July 1891, Page 19

Southern Cross.)

The death of this gentleman removes
one of the ten “chiefs” who still retain ancient Irish titles. These titles are
recognised by the Crown and by patent.

 The O’Gorman Mahon inherited his title from
his mother, who was the only daughter of The O’Gorman.

The other gentlemen who possess the
right to a distinctively Irish address are as follows :

Prince of Coolavin The MacDermot,
Q. C, D.L., J.P., descended from the kings of Connaught ;

The O’Conor Don Right Hon. Charles
Owen O’Conor, D.L., J.P., descended from the kings of Ireland, and dates his
pedigree back to A.D. 366

The O’Donoghue— Daniel O’Donoghue,
descended from the kings of Munster.

The O’Donovan— Henry Winthrop
O’Donovan M.A., J P., D.L., chief of the ancient sept of O’Donovan;

The O’Grady William de Courcy O
Grady, M.A., descended from the princes of Limerick;

Knight of Glin— Desmond John Edmond

Knight of Kerry— Sir Maurice George
Fitzgerald, Bart.

The Mac- Gillicuddy of the Reeks
Denis Charles MacGillicuddy. descended from lords of Tipperary

Chief of Hymaine Cornelius J.
O’Kelly, J.P., DL.

It may be mentioned that these
gentlemen usually reside in Ireland, where they have estates which they manage
excellently. On the recent visit of the Lord-Lieutenant to the South of
Ireland, the village of Glin was prettily decorated, and the Knight of Glin
accompanied his Excellency on part of his tour. The O’Conor Don is a Privy
Councillor, and The MacDermot was Solicitor-General for Ireland in Mr
Gladstone’s two last administrations. The Knight of Kerry is an Equerry to
H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught. To those interested in the matter Burkes Landed
Gentry and Peerage will give particulars in regard to ancient Irish titles.
These works are to be found in the Public Library.


Success for Listowel ladies at The Kingdom County Fair

This is Kelly Saint John. She alone made all of these crochet products to sell.

Kelly was very excited when I met her because she had won first prize for her beautiful colourful crochet throw.

Above is a close up detail of Kelly’s magnificent creation.

The apple did not fall far from the tree. Michelle Sommers, Kelly’s mother, won first prize for this beautiful quilling picture.


Would you like to try some Armenian Cuisine?

Now you can, right here in Listowel. You will have to travel no further than William Street. 

A new restaurant has opened in the old Mai Fitz’s. According to the sign it will serve Armenian and American food.

These young men were helping out on the opening day, May 11 2016.

Battle in The Square May 1 2016, a few people I met and a new foal in Kanturk

Ballybunion Golf Course by Jason O’Doherty


Sunday May 1 2016 in The Square

Tony Quinlivan’s realistic photo of the carnage on the streets give you a feeling for what the mock battle scene was like in Listowel.

There is a part of me that says war is never a game and is never entertaining. But for most of us the 2 world wars are now just stories we read, not something we experience daily like the poor citizens of Aleppo.

 The wreaths were still in The Square reminding us of the real fallen soldiers as the mock soldiers assembled for the mock battle.

At the corner by the castle a real guard talked to a fake soldier.

 The citizenry cowered in doorways.

 Suddenly into the quiet square came armoured tanks and “soldiers” looking menacing and brandishing guns.

 Young sentries stood no chance.

 Prisoners were taken and the enemy rounded up and carted off.

 Medics attended to the wounded.

A local garda…a real one…saw off the ‘enemy” out of town….for another year.


Human of Listowel I met in Town at the Military Weekend


Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

This business is now on Church Street.


Meanwhile in Kanturk new life is welcomed to the Stable

My brother’s lovely mare and her foal are just getting used to each other. She is an inexperienced first time mother but she is learning fast how to care for her very handsome foal. He was just a day old when we visited and Mammy was still a bit unnerved by all the attention.


You’ll be sorry if You Miss this

On Weds. May11 2016 in St. John’s a great DVD will be launched. Sales on the night are in aid of Kerry Parents and friends.

The DVD is a celebration of Listowel, its wildlife and its people. It is a compilation of the work of Charles Nolan and John Lynch, two of Listowel’s greatest documentary videographers.

Among other things it features the wildlife on the River Feale, Patrick Hickey making a shoe and the funeral of the great dancing master, Jerry Molyneaux.

The soundtrack features  some of today’s best local musicians.

For those who can’t make it on the night, the DVDs will be available to purchase in local shops

Gaming Festival in Killarney, Listowel Military Tattoo 2016 and The Last Howth Tram


Photo: Chris Grayson


A Great Weekend in Town

Tony Quinlivan took these great photos of the crowds who lined the streets for the mock battles during Listowel Military Tattoo 2016. The eagle eyed might spot my white head among the crowd. The Saturday of the Military Weekend is all about paying respect to those who have served and died. What better people to honour them than their comrades, now veterans. The parade of veterans and the wreath laying ceremony are the highlight of the weekend.

Watching these men and women proudly march into the square and lay commemorative wreaths at the memorial stone is a truly spine chilling experience.

This was the scene in Listowel Town Square on Saturday, April 30 3016


The Face of the Future….Online Gaming

My grandchildren’s heroes are not film stars or pop singers. They are Youtubers, vloggers and gamers.

A forthcoming event in INEC Killarney is the face of entertainment today.

“COMPUTER gamers, young and old, from all over Ireland and the UK will descend on Killarney this June for the first ever Insomnia Gaming Ireland festival.

From June 10 to 13, the INEC in Killarney will be transformed into a gamers’ paradise, featuring console and PC tournaments, appearances by YouTube stars, interactive stage shows, demos of the latest products and retail zones.

Insomnia Gaming Ireland is a place for gamers of all backgrounds to congregate, socialise, discover new things and largely celebrate gaming. Today, Insomnia combines a vast Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) Local Area Network (LAN) gaming hall; a huge line-up of Content Creators from the worlds of YouTube and Twitch; a great line-up of gaming tournaments; main stage entertainment; and a whole host of gaming related zones and activities for gamers of all ages, novice or professional.

The Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) LAN Hall will open for 72 hours and will host 250 gaming enthusiasts playing multiplayer games with and against each other. Visitors will also be able to delve into the eSports scene with popular competitive tournaments occurring throughout the event such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League, League of Legends and Hearthstone. Daily console tournaments will be taking place, as well as the BYOC LAN Hall hosting tournaments of its own.”

Source: Tralee Today


May 30 1958

The last Howth tram Photo from Photos of Dublin on Twitter


Darkness into Light 2016

A resounding success for another year of Darkness not Light at Listowel Racecourse

The Beamish Family Memorabilia in Listowel, Kennedy’s Pet Farm and NCBI official opening

Greenfinch at Beal

photo: Ita Hannon


NCBI Official Opening

The lovely ladies in the NCBI shop on Church Street threw a party to mark their official opening.


Summer on the Way!

The days are getting finer. I enlisted some help to prepare my summer transport.


Pet farm Revisited, Sunday April 24 2016

I love visiting here so much that the Kennedys are now our friends.

 The setting is absolutely idyllic.

Mrs. Hen was brooding in the midst of it all.

Bambi feeding from Sean’s hand.

 Christmas is months away.

 This is one of the many cocks I saw. They seem to live and let live at Kennedy’s.

They had a nice young pot bellied pig.

 All of my boys loved the guinea pigs.

Cupboard love; Bambi is following Killian everywhere not because he loves him but he is watching for an opportunity to steal his food.

 Carine loves the puppies best.

 All of the animals at Kennedy’s live in harmony.

Sean tried his hands at the milking.

Posing with a rabbit

 Posing with a goat

They had an 8 week old litter of puppies on the day we visited.

It’s always hard to say good bye to Kennedy’s


Presentation Secondary School, Listowel

Photo taken on Proclamation Day and posted on Twitter


Beamish Exhibition in The Seanchaí

An event that happened at Listowel Military Tattoo 2016 was the display in The Seanchaí of the sporting and aviation memorabilia of the Beamish family of Dunmanway.

Here are just a few of the exhibits I photographed. The artefacts are on permanent display in Britain but were kindly brought by the family to Listowel for the Tattoo


Darkness into Light

Next Saturday is the morning when all of Ireland walks into the dawn of a hopeful new Ireland without the pain of suicide and self harm.

Billy Keane is doing his bit to promote the walk by persuading all of his celebrity visitors to try on the T-shirt.

Actor, Patrick Bergin

Rugby player, Jonathan Sexton

Book Launch in The National Library, Apprenticeship, Auschwitz Remembered and another great Healy photograph

Building at Ballybunion

Photo; Ballybunion Prints


Sometimes a Book can be declared a Treasure

When Vincent Carmody launched his great book, (pictured above)  in the National Library a few years ago, he was surrounded on the night by his family and by some illustrious North Kerry people who now live in Dublin.

The book is still available from Vincent and should be in every home with a Listowel connection.

Standing are Kevin Carmody, Vincent’s son, who returned from the U.S. for the event and Sr. Maura, Vincent’s sister who, sadly, passed away before Christmas 2015.

In front are Vincent and his wife, Kathleen

Back L to R ; Eamon OMurchú, Katie Hannon, Maurice Hayes, John Coolahan and Cyril Kelly

Front; Vincent Carmody and Jimmy Deenihan


An Apprentice’s Lot was not a easy one

Jackie Lenihan of Charles St. Listowel, grandfather of Donal Linehan, rugby player was a carpenter. He took apprentices to train in to the trade. One of these apprentices was James Enright, father of Mike Enright of Ballybunion. Mike has his father’s apprenticeship contract. It makes interesting reading.

It reads more like a monk’s contract to me. Apparently it was the standard agreement for all apprenticeships back in the day.


Do you Remember when Mill Lane looked like this?

(photo: John Kelliher)


 Bob Geldof’s wedding to Paula Yates in 1986

Photo: Rare Irish Stuff


Seventy Years ago this week

Photo: Alien West

This image, taken at the liberation of Auschwitz, is just as shocking today as it was then.

We need to remind ourselves often of this enormous inhumanity.  Our ancestors who fought in WW11 fought to put an end to this.

We will get a chance to remember all the victims of war everywhere at Listowel Military Tattoo 

April 29 to May 1 2016



What a snap!

There are three heroes here;

A great horse, Killultagh Vic, who recovered from this mishap  at the last to go on to win his race at Leopardstown yesterday, January 17 2016,

A great jockey, Ruby Walsh, who employed all of his considerable skills to stay on board and steer his mount to victory once again,


 Listowel’s great racing photographer, Pat Healy of Healyracing who captured the moment for all time.

Well done all.

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