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Photo; Kieran Mangan, Mallow Camera Club


Periwinkles and Seagrass

Pat Maher photographed by Moss Joe Browne.

This man has been selling these local delicacies on the street in Ballybunion for years.



This building which now houses the Milano shop was once a huge department store and ballroom.

Back in the day it was Walsh’s shop and later called Cavendishes. Mike Hannon and Alice Walsh have shared some great photographs on Facebook.

At Christmas the shop was packed with all the latest merchandise and toys of all descriptions for Santa Claus.

Jim Walsh outside the shop


Do you have a Magnolia?

Raymond O’Sullivan posted this image and the following information about this ancient shrub.

Although the Magnolia has been on Earth for millions of years, believed to be the oldest flowering plant on the planet, it was not introduced into Europe until 1740. It symbolizes strength, longevity and purity. In the Victorian ‘language of flowers’, it had several meanings based on the colour of the flowers: White: perseverance, purity, dignity, determination, modesty; Pink: shyness, innocence, joy, sensitivity; Yellow: prosperity, luck, loyalty, good health Purple: luck, fertility, courage and beauty. In China, people believe that planting a Magnolia in the garden ensures luck, prosperity, and marital happiness. Garden design and layout and the positioning of plants are a headache for most amateurs, and you should see some of the ‘mistakes’ in my little cabbage patch. According to Feng Shui placing a Magnolia in the front of the house promotes a happy life full of pleasures, while cultivating it at the back of the home favors solid financial well-being. Not so sure I got that one right either, mine is at the back of the house.


Your Help Needed


 I’m writing on behalf of Breda Hartnett nee Corrigan, who was born and raised in Listowel. She would like to trace her neighbours Mary, Agnes and Jimmy Barry who were sent to a orphanage in Tralee, Ireland. Mary would have been only 7 years old at the time. Breda and Mary both lived on Convent st and were best friends until Mary was taken away. Mary Barry would be around 73 years old, Agnes Barry 71 and Jimmy Barry 68 years old. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Kind regards

Charithra Thejopal

On behalf of Breda Hartnett

If you can help Breda, will you email me at please.


Facts about Magnolia, Ballybunion Sand Art and a Concert planned for Moyvane Church


Photo; Philip Blair for Irish Wildlife Trust Photography Competition


Magnificent Magnolia

Raymond O’Sullivan lives in Newmarket, Co Cork. This is his picture and below is what he writes about it. Fascinating!

Bíonn blás ar an mbeagán’, an Irish seanfhocal which literally means little things are tasty. It might translate into English as ‘seldom seen, is much admired’. My magnolia bush hasn’t flowered for years, so I trimmed around it during the winter to give it more light, and look what happened. To say it is an ancient plant is a bit of an understatement, fossils of the flower date back 20 million years. So it predates bees and is pollinated by beetles.


Sand Art Festival 2019

The annual Ballybunion Sand Art Festival runs until Wednesday, May 22 2019. I took the above photos on Friday May 17. The art installations are well worth a visit. We are so lucky to have such brilliant artists just a short trip away.


Mary Sheehy and Friends

I ran into these lovely ladies in The Flying Saucer last week.


Aonghus McAnally in Moyvane


This coming Tuesday evening our annual Church Concert will take place starting at 8pm May 21 2019 in Moyvane Church. Doors open at 7pm.  I call on the usual stewards and helpers to be there at 6.30pm to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  Please note tickets will be available at the door for those who haven’t had an opportunity to get tickets yet or who may at the last minute decide to join us. Tickets available after all Masses this weekend. 

From Moyvane Parish Newsletter


Listowel Writers’ Week 2019 is on the Doorstep

Just to get you in the mood here are a few memories from last year.

Local supporters on Opening Night 2018


First Holy Communion Day 2019

Saturday May 18 2019 was First Holy Communion Day in town. Only when these age old traditions are eventually lost will we really appreciate how special these family occasions are.

Steve Kelly took the photos.

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