This is a post I am uploading for a specific purpose.

In 1965 the Jewish Community in Ireland presented President Eamon de Valera with the gift of a forest in his name in Israel. The forest is still flourishing today. To mark the handover of this gift, The Forest Committee presented the president with a “Book of Honour” in thanks for his work for peace during World War 2.

This book was beautifully illustrated and written in calligraphy by Michael O’Connor.

Stephen Rynne photographed the book, which is 31 pages of parchment in a specially commissioned box.

Since the book contains the names of all the contributors to the project it is a record of the names of probably all of the Jews in Ireland in the 1960s.

Stephen and I are bringing you here the lists of names in the book. We are doing this specifically to help anyone looking for a record of Jews in Ireland in the 1960s.

Mary Cogan and Stephen Rynne