McGuire’s Pharmacy, Main Street


A Lighthearted Limerick from Dan Keane


1930s Listowel

J.J. Dillon Grocery shop, 2 Main Street, Listowel in the 1930s.

Photo copyright; Tipperary Studies Photographs of Munster Shops


Sr. Gemma R.I.P, A woman before her time

An interview with Sr. Gemma McGrath which appeared in the 1991 Presentation Secondary School Yearbook.


Ella Corridan R.I.P.

Another of the old residents of Listowel Town Square has gone to her eternal reward.

Mrs Ella Corridan was one of the salt of the earth characters who live quietly but contribute vitally to the community. She was a regular at morning mass where she always had a cheery greeting for friends and acquaintances.

This picture was taken in Craftshop na Mear in 2013. Mrs. Corridan was hugely supportive of that venture.

She was also a great supporter of Listowel Connection. She was always anxious to provide me with any content she could. She always told me how much she regretted that I had not started the blog while her husband was alive and in his prime because he had such a great interest in local history.

Mrs. Corridan told me the story of the tragic killing of her first cousin, Sr. Aidan Quinlan in South Africa.

Killing of Sr. Aidan Quinlan

She was truly grateful when I wrote about it in this blog. She was anxious that her cousin’s horrific death would not define her and that her immense good work in that troubled part of the world would not be forgotten.

This event in her family history had a huge impact on Ella and it was typical of her that she was anxious I would write about Sr. Aidan rather than anything about herself.

Ella Corridan lived a long and happy life. She raised a big family, many of whom still live locally and they and her grandchildren gave her enormous pleasure.

Ella and I have roots in the same part of North Cork. She often mentioned those connections. For her, family was always number one.

May her gentle soul rest in peace. Listowel is the poorer for her passing.