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Water, A Mural and a Dog

Ballybunion in November 2022


Water, Water, Everywhere

If you’ve never had a water leak you won’t know what this is.

I had a mains water pipe burst under my lawn. Phone call to Irish Water. Along comes an engineer with his detection gadget. He finds the source of the leak and this is how he marks it.

Next into the fray is Kerry County Council.

Hey presto, leak repaired and lawn in sh…



I made another visit to the Neodata carpark on Saturday November 5 2022. Garrett was putting the finishing touches to his lovely mural.

Muralist Garrett Joyce and admirer, Cora

You have to see it to fully appreciate it.




When your Dog has to be stuck in Everything You’re Doing

Molly was back with her Cork family. She likes to make herself at home.


Our Little Stretch of Greenway

Rainbow over Listowel

Photo taken by Edel O’Connor as she left St. Mary’s on Sunday October 30th 2022


The Lartigue Little Theatre

The Kerryman April 1 1972

The Listowel Notes announced the beginning of this iconic Listowel theatre. The first fundraising efforts were very modest i.e. a jumble sale..


Local People at the Official Opening of the Listowel Abbeyfeale Greenway

Margaret, Daisy and guest
Damien brought his dog. Dogs are welcome on the greenway.
Christy, Damien and Moss were there to witness history being made

Keen cyclist, Jimmy Moloney, stopped for a chat with his neighbour, Marie Regan on his way home from the opening ceremony.


Our Newest Mural

Garrett Joyce has finished our latest mural by now. When I visited him on October 28th 2022 he was nearly finished.

If you can at all, do go and see it for yourself. My photos don’t do it justice.


End of an Era

Breda Canty, photographer, took the photo of fisherman on The Cashen at 5.30 am one morning. Breda was doing a big clearout of her stock at Listowel Food and Craft Fair. I bought this never to be repeated image,. I was tempted to buy the lot. She has some beautiful pictures of North Kerry.


Just a Thought or Six

Source; The internet


Ballybunion Sea and Cliff Rescue, Shannonside Annual and a Limerick

Éamon ÓMurchú in Dingle peninsula


Ballybunion Sea and Cliff Rescue

Some lovely photos of a training exercise posted online by Jason O’Doherty


Shannonside Annual

For a few years in the 1950s a highlight of the year for local people was the Shannonside Annual, packed with excellent articles and poems.

Here is the Foreward to the first edition in 1956


The Beginning of The Next Listowel Characters Mural

And the finished artwork

Cormac and Louise of Mack Signs posed for me at the end of their week of long days and evenings of hard work on the latest Listowel Characters mural; August 14 2021.

I like it. It has a kind of old fashioned feel to it.


A Monday Verse

There was a young lady of Niger

Who rode on the back of a tiger; 

They came back from the ride

With the lady inside

And a smile on the face of the tiger

Edward Lear


Outdoor Dining, Knitting, a Mural and a Limerick

Bridge to Listowel Racecourse


Outdoor Living in Summer 2021

Flanagans of Church Street with a well co ordinated outdoor on the pavement seating area.


Some Premises getting an upgrade


Knitting is having a Moment

An English newspaper caption writer came up with the best one for this. Olympics 2020 when Tom Daley came out…as a knitter.

He may have won a gold medal for diving but he has won even more plaudits for his knitting. While waiting between dives, Daley chilled out by knitting himself a cardigan.

We were ahead of the curve in our family. Here I am eleven years ago teaching Killian, aged 4, to knit.


A Laugh

There once was a man of Bengal

Who was asked to a fancy dress ball;

He murmured “I’ll risk it-

And go as a biscuit.”

But a dog ate him up in the hall.



Update on the Mural

The latest mural in the Listowel Characters project is on Mill Lane. The quotation is from Maurice Walsh. The final piece of the quotation seems to me to say that Kerry is a small place too.

I returned later yesterday and this is how it looks now.

The artists, Mack Signs, were putting the finishing touches to the letters.

“and you can put your finger on the village and the river, if you are able.” I’m still puzzling it out.

You can see the remains of the doodle grid. That will all be covered up in the end.

This gives you an idea of the scale of the mural in situ.


Doon, a Walrus and a Poem of Few words about a Word

Photo: Éamon ÓMurchú in Corcha Dhuibhne


A Church in Ballybunion

The old church at Doon
Doon church now, photo shared by Cathleen Mulvihill


Advertisements from Shannonside Annual 1956


A word

A word is dead

When it is said

Some say.

I say 

It just begins to live

That day

Emily Dickinson


Where’s Wally

Photo; Paddy Tubbritt

This walrus first made his appearance in Kerry in 2020. Since then he’s been on his holidays around Wales and Europe. He has recently returned to Waterford. While he is very sociable, lolling on piers and climbing into boats, people are reminded that he is a wild creature and should be approached with caution.


New Mural on Mill Lane

This whole Listowel Characters project is a great learning experience for us all. I am going to pass on to you what I learned today about the modern art of the muralist.

The blank canvas is the side wall of Kay’s Children’s Shop

This artwork is on a large scale so it needs a cherry picker to reach to upper part.

This is one of the first jobs, decanting and mixing the paint.

This morning, August 11 2021, the work has begun. The frame is done and the artist is doing the doodle grid.

This is a close up of a portion of the doodle grid. Traditionally muralists drew their picture on graph paper and then scaled it up to a corresponding grid on the big canvas/wall.

Modern muralists paint a doodle grid, sometimes called a lazy grid. The doodle can be anything. Some artists use numbers or letters. Our man had a bit of fun, using names, declarations of love and a blatant dig at the locals anxious about the football semi final against Tyrone.

Then he takes a picture of the doodles. Using his doodle app he can superimpose the picture he wants to paint on to the doodle picture. We then uses the underlying doodle as a guide to what to paint where on the wall.

If my description is a bit puzzling, Google “Doodle Grid” and you will find lots of Youtube tutorials on how to do it. Fascinating!!!!


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