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Garden of Europe, Festival of Kerry, Statues in St. Mary’s and more from the stars of Brendan of Ireland

It was Roses, Roses all the Way


Festival of Kerry…A Thought

Source: A Year in Kerry by Patrick O’Sullivan


Listowel Community Centre Looking Good


Garden of Europe in August 2018

This seat is placed opposite The Tree of Hope

This is what you are reading if you are seated here.


Moving Statues

St Theresa has been restored to a new position in St. Mary’s.

And St. Padre Pio has got company on his altar.


More from Brendan of Ireland

The purpose of the series of books was to educate children about the cultural differences between people in different countries.

Brendan, as a typical Irish child, wears jumpers knitted by his aunt, short trousers held up with braces and Robin sandals.

He walks to school and he plays hurling, pitch and toss and card games. His life is an outdoor one of turf and water from the well, feeding hens and investigating birds’ nests.

Brendan fishes for tráthníns and he keeps them in jam jars and changes the water every day before he releases them back into the stream.

Brendan finds a bird’s nest and cannot resist taking a look at an egg.

Frank Greaney remembers this well near the family home. You had to bend down to draw the cool water. Here Brendan is carrying a bucket of water home for drinking and cooking.

In the story the house has no electricity or running water.

Here Grandpa Jack is telling Brendan a story by the fire. Most people remember Paud Carey as a quiet reserved man, with little to say for himself. People might have thought him aloof or shy but Frank, who knew him well, remembers an extraordinarily generous man who waited at the gate of the  Technical School to give Frank 2 shillings when 2 shillings was a fortune.


Deer, Oh deer!

Christopher Grayson took this awesome shot in Killarney National Park.


My Pick

This is Saoirse McGrath, the 2018 Meath Rose contestant.

Why is she special?

Because she bought 16 of her 25 day dresses from her local St. Vincent de Paul shop.

So if he Roses are down your way keep an eye on her style.

You’d better watch out…or you could find yourself on my blog

Firstly some nuns names.

Front row; Sr Carmelita, Sr. Carmel, Sr. Claire, Sr. Patricia, Sr. Collette, Sr. Dympna

Back;  Sr. Cecilia, Sr. Consolata, Sr. Marina, Sr. Sheila Mary, Sr. Coleman, Sr. Gemma, Sr. Elizabeth, Sr. de Pazzi, Sr. Kathleen and Sr. Anne O’Callaghan.

I’m still working on the older photo. Gemma and Edmund are there for certain. I’m on the trail of the other names. Thank you for all the help so far.

Now to more recent travels with my camera. Pre Christmas Listowel is one photo op. after another.

This is the door of No. 14 Charles St. Isn’t it absolutely perfect?

In The Small Square yesterday the boys of Scoil Realta na Maidine were doing their bit to spread Christmas cheer.

I continued on to the church where I photographed the shrine and the confession box so you could see how skilfully the craftsman has used the features of the old confession box to fashion the new shrine. I still don’t like the white marble bit and it encourages the leaving of mementos.

See what I mean.

This is the old penny candle holder. The prongs that held the old candles have been removed and now it is a holder for what I used to call night lights but now have learned to call tea lights.


Today I snapped these pictures which will raise every child’s heart. Donal Doyle is busy preparing Listowel chimneys for Santa Claus.

Padre Pio and Santa

I just hit the church as the finishing touches were being put to the new shrine on Dec 15. I was very impressed. It is a beautiful job of master carpentry and all the lovely features of the old confession box have been used. The shrine looked like it could have been there for a hundred years.

This is how the finished product looks. I photographed it on Sunday. I don’t like the marble counter top. I love the statue in its lighted niche. I do wish people had been discouraged from littering the altar with pictures, ornaments, plants and flowers. The votive candles are 50c. each.

The new look confession box is a reconciliation room in the old baptistry, complete with traffic lights.


These are a few pics of some festive local window displays.  Jim Halpin’s doorman has donned some seasonal garb.

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