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Brian Boru Crown, First Responders and People at the Santa Parade 2014

Some Local people in The Seanchaí to hear Lord Inchiquin and Jimmy Deenihan introduce the Brian Boru Crown.

Conor O’Brien,  Lord Inchiquin, Alison McCormick, founder of Jewels for Cures and Jimmy Deenihan, Minister for the Diaspora.

2014 is a millennium since 1014 and the Battle of Clontarf, in which Brian Boru, high king of Ireland was killed by a Viking enemy called Brodir. Legend has it that Brian was praying in his tent after the battle when he was slain. Brian Ború belonged to the tribe Dál gCáis and he was the first high king of Ireland. Lord Inchiquin is the head of the O’Brien clan and claims descendancy from Brian Ború.

Alison McCormick grew up near Clontarf. She is a cancer surviver. When she decided to set up a fundraising charity for cancer research it seemed a good choice to link it with her home place, Clontarf and with Brian Ború since we were in his millennial year.

The original Brian Boru crown was handed over to The Vatican centuries ago and may or may nor still be there. Alison enlisted the help of Da Capo jewelers to design and make a replica of the crown incorporating old jewellery donated mostly by ladies. There are some high profile male donors as well, Michael Smurfitt and Lord Inciquin being two. People who donate jewellery get to write their names in an accompanying scroll which will be kept with the crown in the National Gallery.

Interestingly, the jeweler who made the crown was  from Brosna.


Good to have them; Bad to Need Them

The ladies and gentlemen of Beal District First Responders


People at Listowel’s Santa Parade on Sunday Dec 7 2014

Christmas Comes to Listowel and Clonmel and Limerick and Cork……

Santa Parade in Listowel Sunday December 7 2014


Scoil Realta na Maidine carol singing In The Square December 5 2014


Community Centre Fundraising Spinathon December 5 2014


Memories, memories

Two people wrote to me to give me the names of the people in this photograph.

Beta O’Brien names them as: “Dr Wm Enright (Dentist) Mr Maloney, his Dental mechanic Mrs Enright and daughter Teresa (Dentist) father of Todd( Dentist)”

Liam Enright, formerly of Cahirdown wrote:

In the photo were my grandfather William B., Jim “the Chum” Moloney, my grandmother Sheila, and my aunt, Teresa.


Boats at Beal 1964

Liam Enright wrote;

  I found the photo of the blessing of the boats very interesting . On the left of the photo there is a wheeled vehicle. This is a “DUKW”.  It was a type of amphibious troop landing vehicle that was used in large numbers in WW2. They were US made. This one could well have seen action in Normandy or Anzio or some other landing site. I remember seeing that DUKW in  Ballybunion. There was great excitement on the men’s beach one day when it drove down the road into the beach and entered the water. I must be getting old because I often asked people if they remember it around Ballybunion and not too many do. It was very interesting to see a photo of it. …

Anyone know anything about this vehicle?


Enjoying a Break

My good friends, Anne and Liam Dillon enjoying a weekend break in Cork recently.


A Corner of Listowel that is forever Chinese

McKenna’s Does Christmas


Parish Bazaar 2014

(photo; Denis Carroll)


Nice Christmas Story from Clonmel

(photo and story ;Morning Ireland)

Clonmel, like many Irish towns has suffered a hemorrhage of emigration in recent years. Nowhere is this more noticeable than in local teams where the loss of so many young people often leaves once strong clubs unable to field a team.

Clonmel have hit on an innovative fun event for St. Stephen’s Day. It’s called Home to Hurl and eighteen young men are returning from Australia, the U.S., Britain and Saudi Arabia to take on the team they left behind.

The photo above shows their mammies eagerly awaiting the return of the hurlers.


On Your Bike, Limerick


Cork Knits for Simon

(photo: Vibes and Scribes)

Vibes and Scribes is a great Cork knitting and craft supplies shop. This is the scene in the shop this week where many women are knitting caps, socks, gloves and other woolies for rough sleepers and people in the Simon Community hostel.


The late Jackie Healy Rae

This great photo of the late jackie Healy Rae and supporters was taken by MacMonagle Photographers in Killarney in 2007.


Savannah McCarthy (of Listowel): the rock on which Irish success is being built

Great writeup in yesterday’s  (Dec 8 2014) Irish Times

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