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Super Valu opening, Nostalgia and an 80s Junior Infant class

Seán Murphy, Blackwater Camera Club for The Rebel Cup


Garvey’s Super Valu Opening

My granddaughters came to Listowel for their Kerry holidays during their Easter break. While they were with me we spent a great morning at the Super Valu official opening of their refurbished shop. Stars of Kerry football and Dancing with the Stars were in attendance, face painting, free footballs, singing and dancing were the order of the morning.

The scene at Super Valu on April 20th 2017

Radio Kerry was broadcasting from the store. The free magnets and mugs were long gone by 11.00 when we got there.

The man of the moment: Aidan O’Mahoney, retired Kerry footballer and Dancing with the Stars winner for 2017 posed with the children.

 Des Cahill was a big hit with SuperValu staff.

No, he didn’t do a Hughie Maughan job on the fake tan. He was just back from holidays he said.

 Stylish Eilish was there, looking resplendent, as usual.

The girls spotted a lull in the queue for face painting and they were lined up before I knew it.

Paul was making sure that as many people as possible got to meet the star.

Meanwhile Rosaleen was doing a great job on Róisín’s face.

3 happy girls.

Dominick Scanlon was interviewing Des Cahill.

I grabbed him for a minute for a photo.

They met a Star as well.

This young footballer, Shane Enright, was infinitely patient, signing the free footballs and little boys’ jerseys.

The girls were lucky enough to secure some of the free footballs, but they were not inflated and as you can imagine, Super Valu staff were not really anxious to have footballs being kicked around the shop. So I called in to JK Sports next door where the lovely Edel sorted us out.

Three happy girls, very grateful to Edel for saving the day.

Homeward bound with the loot.



I read this extract from a book which is now out of print. It describes well why so many of my blog followers enjoy a taste of how it used to be at home in days gone by.

Fr. Pat Carroll

Scenes and memories: scenes
from places I know; memories of people I love. The quiet country herein
described still remains−the flat land, the white road, the little town, the
river, and the hill’s crest. The people who appear and speak for a brief period
are grown very old, or gone away. What is written, then, is written as a record
of what was, and what, for me, will never be again: today’s memories of a
yesterday back in Ireland when the gray dew was on the clover and the cuckoo
called from the blossomed alder. Maybe certain scenes and memories here set
down will recall to you also your springtime in the Old Land, with dear, kindly
people all around you, the wide, white Shannon a few flat fields away, and the
sea’s sweet breath coming from Kerry Head.”

─P.J.C., in Round
About Home (1914)


Junior Infants who are now Young Ladies

Clodagh O’Sullivan unearthed this old photo of her Junior Infants class.

Brooklyn….the Listowel Connection, water from a pump and Shane Enright gets an All Star

Listowel Writers’ Week Brochure ….The Winning Cover Design

The brochure cover design for Listowel Writers’ Week 2016 programme was chosen by competition. The winning artist is Edain ODomhnaill from Clonakilty.

The design is a totally new departure from Writers’ Week’s previous covers, but, I’m sure you’ll agree its beautiful and very apt.

The cover design says to me that a book has endless possibilities. If you are a reader, it can lift you off the page high into the clouds and beyond.

If you are a writer, a book can also offer infinite possibilities. This is aptly illustrated this year in the case of Colm Tóibín’s Brooklyn.

Tóibín  is a great friend of Writers’ Week. He wrote Brooklyn. It is the story of a girl who emigrated from rural Ireland to the U.S in the nineteen fifties. It is the story of many such girls. We all know an Éilís. Éilís’s adventure is nothing out of the ordinary, involving seasickness, homesickness, a bossy landlady, Irish priest, night classes, dances etc., etc. It is this very ordinariness that gives Brooklyn it’s universal appeal.

Tóibín published his book to great acclaim and then the magic happened. One of the endless possibilities that blow characters and plot off the pages and into the stratosphere opened up. Brooklyn, the movie, came about. Saoirse Ronan was an inspired choice for the leading role and then another magical possibility came about….three Oscar nominations.

Edaín had none of this in mind when she entered the competition to design a cover for Writers ‘Week’s 2016 programme. But there is a magic that a painting shares with a book. Once it leaves the creator’s hands, it’s ours. We can all interpret it in our own way and take what we want from it.


Back to the Washing Board

Nicky Leonard added this tuppence worth to the washing debate. A washboard was a wooden appliance with a ridged surface at one side. You stood it in the was tub and you rubbed the soaped clothes up and down the board to get the dirt out.

Nicky found the above washing board on the internet. It’s not your usual wooden one. It’s made completely of glass and was intended for washing lingerie only. The term midget refers to its mall size.

Nicky also sent us this photo of a woman at a pump filling a gallon of water. These gallons used to contain sweets in the days when sweets were sold individually or by weight. We used the empty sweet gallons for everything; tea in the meadow or bog, milk, water, collecting eggs or blackberries, bringing feed to hens etc, etc. I haven’t seen one in years.

We used to have a pump just like this one in a field we called the pump field. It was very handy for watering the cattle and I suspect that the big bath of water under this pump might be for just that purpose, a water trough for cattle.

Interestingly the top is off this pump as it usually was in ours as well for the pump had to be primed before it would give you any water. Priming was done by pouring water into the pump from the top.


Tarbert All Star …with a Listowel Connection

Photo: John Kelliher

Marty Morrissey of Rte presented his All Star award to Shane Enright in The Swanky Bar, Tarbert last weekend. Shane’s mother, Stella is from Listowel.


Savannah McCarthy, International Footballer

Savannah McCarthy formerly of Listowl Emmetts is traveling to California with the Irish Senior Ladies Soccer team


Fr. Pat Moore

As he continues his recovery, Fr. Pat has found a new way to talk to his friends and followers. He has his own Website

Fr. Pat Moore – Between the Hills and The Sea

He finishes his first blogpost with these quotations;

“Sometimes the wrong train will take you to the right place ”

“We forget things if we have no one to tell them to ”

We are all looking forward to Fr. Pat’s telling us unforgettable things.


Yesterday’s Indo

This is the Pat Healy photograph I mentioned yesterday.

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