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St. Patrick’s Day 2016 at home and abroad and a little known 1916 fact

Easter Window

In St. Mary’s Listowel, Easter 2016


St. Patrick’s Celebrations in New York and Shawnee

Denis Hegarty of Tullamore and Glin and the Mayor of Kerry on  5th Ave , NYC .

Timmy Hayes Gortaminch, Listowel and Denis Hegarty took in  another Parade on March 19th,The Yonkers Parade on McLean Ave .

These photos were sent to me by Antony Hegarty, brother of Denis. The two above are photos of the two sides of the Kerry Association banner. One side in Irish features Thomas Ashe and the other side in English shows Saint Brendan.


Meanwhile in Shawnee

Jimmy with Michelle Distler, Mayor of Shawnee

Damien Stack and Jimmy Moloney with Renee Kelly, Grand Marshall of the Shawnee parade. Renée is a resteraunteur and a contestant on the state’s equivalent of Masterchef.


St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Main Street, Listowel


Occupations of people as stated in the British census of 1881

From an1881 London census some things people listed as occupation: “Knight of the Thimble,” “52 years an imbecile,” “turnip shepherd” — something tells me maybe folks didn’t take the census 100% seriously.  (Information from the internet)

It will be interesting to compare our 2016 census occupations


A Little Known 1916 fact

(Information from Ireland’s Own)

Bovril operated a distribution warehouse at Eustace Street, Dublin. In the aftermath of the Rising there were grave food shortages, caused mainly due to the forced closure of bakeries. Many Dublin people were starving. Bovril was distributed free to the citizens to ease their hunger.


2016 Easter Display at The Listowel Arms


Shawnee visitors and a Mennonite choir in town

Visitors to Listowel from our twin town, Shawnee in the U.S. were  in Christy’s on Wenesday night last to wash down the hearty meal of bacon and cabbage that Seán Moriarty cooked for them. Also in my picture, on behalf of the host town, are Damien Stack of Tura Lura Tours and Norella OFlynn.

Joan Walsh was accompanied by her sister when she came out to greet the visitors. Joan’s late husband, Tom, was the Mayor of Listowel when the first Listowel group travelled to visit Shawnee.

These people are not from Shawnee. They were in Christy’s on Wednesday as well, having a good time.

Irish musicians provided the entertainment, in competition with the second semi final of The World Cup. The American visitors had no interest in the soccer. They loved the music.

The distinguished looking gentleman in this group is the mayor of Shawnee, Jeff Meyers.


Meanwhile, across the square in St. John’s……

This is an anabaptist choir, also from the U.S. They were visiting Listowel as guests of The Christian Fellowship of Listowel. There were 50 visitors in all staying with local families. They gave a heavenly concert of well known and some unknown (to me anyway) songs with a religious flavor. They used only the human voice, no instruments other than a tuning fork. They produced some beautiful harmonies and delighted their large and appreciative audience.

This is a Facebook picture of the group before their departure.


Rathea 1950

Tom Fitzgerald sent me the names.



Bettie Moloney R.I.P.

Last week we bade farewell to one of the town’s old stock. A familiar and stylish figure behind the counter in Robert Moloney’s in The Square or walking the streets of Listowel, Bettie was an affable and gentle lady. She will be missed.


As a postscript to the Munster hurling final here is Gary MacMahon’s lovely poem. I’m sorry about the quality of the photo.


Good news for all Irish people not living in Ireland

You now have a minister in The Dáil to represent you.

And he’s from KERRY!

Jimmy Deenihan

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