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Glin Tragedy, A Poster of The Field, Dunlop Cup winning team 1970 and Behan’s Restaurant

Blennerville, May 2020

Photo: Liam Enright on This is Kerry


Another case of death by smothering from the Limerick Chronicle 18th January 1917. Tom Donovan


Newspaper Cutting Connecting my Two Homes

This newspaper cutting from 1991 appeared recently on the Facebook page of a closed group to which I belong.

Fr. Padraig Walshe, a priest of the Kerry diocese, was part of a fundraising effort for Romania. He secured a huge poster of the film of John B.’s The Field. He got John B. to sign it, had it framed and put it up for auction where it was bought by Geraldine O’Toole for £500.

Sadly, Geraldine passed away at a young age. May she rest in peace. 

I wonder where the poster is now.


St. Michael’s; Dunloe Cup Winners 1970

Photo; Neil Brosnan, text Kieran Fitzgerald

This  is the Dunloe Cup Winning Team from 1970 . This was a hard fought but satisfying success as , though underdogs ,  we beat the big two, among others, en- route . I think we beat Tralee C.B.S. in the semi-final and we certainly beat the Sem in the final . I can recall is that we were 4/5 points down with about 15 minutes  to go and won by 7/8 . 

If memory serves me correctly , Canon Linnane was multi-tasking on final day . He was team manager for the Sem and then , immediately after the final whistle ,  presented the Cup to myself ( in his official role as Chairman of the Kerry Colleges Committee) .

The panel was  :

Front  ( Left to Right )    :       Brian Hilliard , Danny Lyons , Pat O’Flaherty , Neilus Brosnan 

Seated ( Left  to Right ) :       David Kissane , Pat Quilter , Gerard Leahy , Kieran Fitzgerald , Maurice Sheehy , Pat Stack , John Houlihan 

Standing ( Left to Right):       Jerry Kiernan , Tommy O’Flaherty , Eamon O’Carroll , Tom Stack , Vincent Donegan , Tom Lyons ( R.I.P. ) , P J Browne ( R.I.P.)

Tim Kennelly ( R.I.P.)  wasn’t available for the photo .


Martin Chute has painted another lovely mural

Proprietor, Jerry Behan, tells me that he is going to have the front painted in the same colour.


First Holy Communion Day 2020

My granddaughter, Cora is a pupil of Gaelscoil Uí Riordáin in Ballincollig. Saturday May 23 2020 was First Holy Communion Day.

Since they were not to have their big day, their teacher sent each of the communicants a card and each teacher made a little video for the class and shared a photograph of themselves on their First Communion Day.

The card is so lovely that I’m sharing it with you .

Feline Frolics, St. Michael’s in 1970, Ballybunion new toilet under construction and Rocky 103 on film

Down Came a Raven

Photo; Tom Fitzgerald


Cat Rescue in 2005

Listowel Firefighters are lucky to have  an onboard cameraman to record some of the more interesting tasks.

Here John Kelliher photographed the rescue of a cat in the Town Park in 2005. If it was your cat or if you remember the incident let us know. According to John the birds were trying to knock the cat off before the firemen got to him.

One life down. Eight to go.


Memories, Memories

Tommy O’Flaherty shared this photo on Facebook last week. I saved it and shared it on Listowel Connection. Then I got this email.

Good Morning ,

Imagine my surprise when I came across the photograph of the 1970 Class from St Michaels on your blog earlier this morning .  I cannot recall the photograph being taken nor who took it but the memories came flooding back . I am seated on the wall on the extreme right holding a camera . God only knows where the camera came from as there was none in our house . 

In those days St Michaels consisted of just the main structure and the outside shed, along the side wall at the rear , which was used for smaller classes . There was a pathway that led from the front gate to the main entrance with a patch of lawn ( bog more like ) on either side .

The main foot path  could only be used by the teachers . Students had to use the path at the left hand side and enter the school via the steps at the rear . I recall that , in a final show of defiance        ( probably on the same day as the photo ) , we all committed heresy by exiting through the main  front door and the centre path . That was a major crime  and there would have been some type of retribution. I can  recall being dispatched from class by Father Long ( then President) to educate some neanderthal  ( a new arrival in mid-term ) who had been detected walking into  the school via the centre path . Our classroom , in our final years, was on the left just inside the front door .

There are a number of luminaries in that photograph , former Minister Deenihan ( in white at the front ) , Gabriel Fitzmaurice ( squatting on the right at the front )  and a lesser known (but the brightest star then ), John O’Connell  ( An  All Ireland Colleges winning athlete , fourth from the left at the back ) . Tommy Fla represented the glamour being a drummer with the local pop band ‘The System’ before subsequently departing for a larger role on the Showband Scene . 

However I am surprised that there are some faces  that I cant identify  and some , who I do recognise , but have not met up with since 1970  . I would be obliged if , through your blog we can put names and whereabouts  to all the faces . I can set the ball rolling if you like and maybe Fla or some other reader can fill in the gaps .

It is indeed time for a socially distanced and hygienically pure  re-union .

Best Regards

Kieran Fitzgerald 

P.S.  I  am from Billeragh ( close to the  Six Crosses ) . My sister , Eileen O’Connell , lives in the former shop at the Crosses opposite the petrol station , My brother was Tom Fitzgerald , former teacher who lived in Upper Church St ,  and passed away in 2014 . You may know his wife , Marie , who is cocooned next door to the Plaza. 

(Look out for more from Kieran in the next few days)


May 18 2020

Photo; Kilcooley’s

Construction has recommenced on Ballybunion’s new public convenience.


Does anyone remember Rocky 103 -Your Station, and Mine?

Warren Buckley found this treasure when he was reviewing his old stuff during lockdown. It’s a video he and some more St. Michael’s Fifth Year students made in 1988. Eamon Carey was the young Brian Dobson doing a great job of interviewing the rising radio star, Francis Jones. Some neat camera work by Warren as well. The ads at the end are gas.

Rocky 103 interview

Listowel in Covid 19, Teampall Bán and St. Michael’s in 1970

Mayday, Mayday

Tom Fitzgerald took this photograph in an almost deserted Listowel Town Square at the May Bank  Holiday weekend 2020.


A Curlew

Ita Hannon took this spectacular photo of a curlew near her home in Beale.


Teampall Bán

On May 6 2020, I took my permitted walk as far as Teampall Bán. It seemed fitting to visit the mass graves of our ancestors in this time of pestilence.

The sight of mass graves in New York reminded me of the horrors of The Great Hunger. 

Teampall Bán is a famine graveyard, many of its dead tipped into mass graves without benefit of shroud or coffin. Now it stands as a beautifully designed and preserved shrine to a lost generation.


Leaving Certs. 1970

St. Michael’s boys just before their Leaving Cert in 1970. 

Photo shared by Tommy O’Flaherty on Facebook


Today’s Lesson

Nowadays we scuttle away quickly if anyone near us sneezes. But it may not be Covid 19. It could be a reaction to the sun.

This type of sneezing reaction is called photic sneeze reflex and 18 to 35 % of the population suffer from it. It’s an inherited trait.

Apparently what happens is that, confronted with very bright light, the messages to the brain get scrambled and the brain thinks that the signal is coming from the nose rather than the eyes so it tries to expel the light by sneezing.

Today’s lesson is brought to you from

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