Ard Curam volunteers working hard to keep their cyclists watered and happy on their journey on The Ring of kerry cycle last weekend.


Flowers in Listowel 2014…….a truer picture

A few weeks ago I had the misfortune to say that I thought that Listowel had less floral displays than other summers. How wrong I was.

 Okay, okay, you can stop pointing them out to me now. I know that I was not looking in the right places.

There are loads of flowers in town. In fact Listowel is like a veritable garden centre these days. To make up to all the people I upset by failing to see all the lovely flowers, here are some photos of town with flowers in every one.


From The Advertiser


Sundaes in Ballybunion

Just the ticket for these sunny days


Horsefair July 3 2014

lorry load of logs for sale
Trading a goat
A turkey, a hen and some ferrets
Admiring not buying

On Thursday last the horse fair followed a growing trend in recent years. There is so much other livestock and goods for sale that the name horsefair now seems inappropriate.


Footage from last Sunday’s airshow in Foynes: