Upper William Street on an April Sunday in 2024.

Another Story from my Knocknagoshel Phoenix

“Meetings” were election rallies, Trump style, but on a much smaller scale.

Tarbert Ferry 2006

Some of my old pictures of the Tarbert Ferry

Michael Hartnett’s Last Aisling

James Kenny found a copy of handwritten poem and David O’Sullivan found a print copy.

Now Vincent Carmody has been in touch.


Both hand written and printed Aislings are credited as written by Michael Hartnett, both dated 10 June 1991, one has John B’s name,  however, looking at the newspaper copy, dated Sunday, June 9th 2002, the poet has dedicated it to John B.,, in a line of the Aisling, it is not John B’s name thats mentioned, rather his brother, Eamon Keane.

I wonder is this due to the fact that John B, had died, 12 days previous, on May 30th 2002.

It would be nice to see the published version, Book of Strays, which was due to be brought out by The Gallery Press in September 2002.


If someone has Book of Strays, would you please look up the poem and see to which Keane brother it is dedicated.

A Fact

Pedestrian crossings have gone from Zebra to Panda to Pelican. Zebra crossings allow pedestrians the right of way. They can cross when ever they want as soon as the traffic stops. Panda crossings are controlled by lights which stop the traffic at regular intervals to allow the build up of pedestrians to cross. Pelican crossings are the on-demand ones we are familiar with. The pedestrian presses a button to stop the traffic.