Dandy Lodge March 4 2018


The Snow in 1947

Printed in The Irish Times March 1 2018


Remembering the MacSweeneys

Seeing Billy MacSweeney’s old photo of his mother with her parents, Vincent Carmody was taken back to his days as an altar boy in the convent chapel in the 1950s. There was a tradition of altar serving in Vincent’s family. His father and his brothers had served mass and now Vincent and his brothers did the same.

Vincent remembers Ned Gleeson and as wife as always arriving first into the convent chapel. They always occupied a seat near the top right hand side.

It was part of Vincent’s duties to hold the paten at communion time. Given his later interest in local history, Vincent marvels that he was so close at the altar rails to a man who played a very momentous part in Listowel’s history. Ned Gleeson from the window of The Listowel Arms gave the address of welcome to Charles Steward Parnell when the great man came to town in 1891.


Lixnaw Convent School 1914


Yarn bombing in  The Square for International Women’s Day 2018

Photos by Elizabeth Brosnan