Sunset in Ballyheigue in February 2023 photo; Dulce


Burning of Tannavalla

Newspaper accounts at the time of the destruction of this glorious house were found for us by Dave O’Sullivan a few years ago.

So much destruction was caused during the struggle for independence.


Waiting for the Bus

One of the great innovations in recent years has been the advent of accessible community transport for rural areas. You just call them the day before and they will collect you as near to your door as possible. They will bring you to town to do your shopping, attend doctor’s or other appointment or simply to just have an outing.

These lovely men were waiting for the bus home. They were sitting on Listowel Tidy Town’s Darren Enright’s convenient seat, another godsend to weary shoppers.


Advice to Adult Children

WHEN PARENTS GET OLD … Let them grow old with the same love that they let you grow …

Let them speak and tell repeated stories with the same patience and interest that they heard yours as a child …

Let them overcome, like so many times when they let you win …

Let them enjoy their friends just as they let you …

Let them enjoy the talks with their grandchildren, because they see you in them …

Let them enjoy living among the objects that have accompanied them for a long time, because they suffer when they feel that you tear pieces of this life away …

Let them be wrong, like so many times you have been wrong and they didn’t embarrass you by correcting you …

LET THEM LIVE and try to make them happy the last stretch of the path they have left to go; give them your hand, just like they gave you their hand when you started your path!


The Rambling House

If you are anxious to join a seisiún or if you just want a night of music and song there is a rambling house in the Community Centre in Knockanure on the first Thursday of every month.

Listowel Rambling house is on the last Thursday of every month at Kerry Writers’ Museum (The Seanchaí) starting at 9.15

Jim Lyons’ rambling house is in Knockalougha on the third Tuesday.

(Information gleaned from Kerry’s Eye)


A Fact

At the end of the day you are approximately one quarter inch shorter than when you got up. The amount your height decreases depends on what you are doing. Walking, or better still, running, will shorten you the most.

Elephants, cows and horses can sleep standing up but sometimes choose not to do so. Maybe they are tired of standing tall.