This year the children’s programme in Listowel Writers’ Week rebranded as The National Children’s Literary Festival. All of the children’s events were based in the community centre.

Ronaldo Fanzini gives his rock and roll salute as he rocks up on his daft bicycle for School Tour Day.

Ronaldo poses with Michael Lynch and his brother Guido (Ronaldo’s brother not Michael’s)

 Drum Dance Ireland were part of the entertainment.

Lunch was sponsored by Spar Express but Mairead and Anthony had to make the sandwiches.

Lunch time entertainment was looked after by Louise Lyons and her troop of volunteers from Xistance Youth Café.

World famous author, John Boyne with Nuala and Liz.

The book doctor had a waiting room full of patients. She endeavored to treat them all and to give them their prescriptions.

Fans, young and old were anxious to be photographed with John Boyne or to have their books signed. Has every child in North Kerry read The Boy in the striped pyjamas?

The Fanzinis swallowed fire, juggled with knives and lay on a bed of nails in their Death Wish show. They did everything you should definitely not try at home and the children loved it.

The day finished with a guided tour of the town’s landmarks and readings from The Writers’ Revenge, a book by Mario Corrigan based on his workshops in schools in North Kerry during Listowel Writers’ Week 2013.


Holiday snaps

Janusz Trzesick went on holidays and he brought his camera.

Lismore castle
on Brittas beach

It’s a far cry from the days of these “bathing machines” in Tramore in the 1925


Katie Taylor

(Breaking News)

Katie has no Listowel connection that I know of but everyone in Ireland is proud of her.


70 Years Ago

The beginning of the end: D Day landings


Healyracing was at Epsom

 Australia and Joseph O’Brien win The Derby

happy, happy connections of Australia

Epsom this week; Ramelton last week; all in a day’s work for