This blog is a personal take on Listowel, Co. Kerry. I am writing for anyone anywhere with a Listowel connection but especially for sons and daughters of Listowel who find themselves far from home. Contact me at

Treasures old and new today

The Curragh; photo by Éamon ÓMurchú


The Greenway at Sunset

Photos shared by Listowel


A Find

Marie Neligan Shaw was doing a clearcut when she unearthed these treasures.

Back in the days when we had old time and new time Listowel Musical Society crossed the border to hold a concert in Abbeyfeale.

Back in 1949 they used to have what they called “All night dances”. This is obviously one of those.

The Astor was where the Classic Cinema was more recently. It functioned as a cinema and occasionally as a ballroom.

Does anyone know who Pat Crowley was?


A Few More from Ladies Day

I met a former Kerry Rose, Anne Marie Hayes, always smiling and always friendly. She is a doctor in Crumlin now.

I also met the lovely down- to -earth Edaein O’Connell, the current Kerry Rose. She was a about her rosely duties.

Local people were out in force on September 23 2022


A Thought to Ponder

This one is sent to us by Mattie Lennon.


The donkey said to the tiger:

– “The grass is blue”.

The tiger replied:

– “No, the grass is green.”

The discussion heated up, and the two decided to submit him to arbitration, and for this they went before the lion, the King of the Jungle.

Already before reaching the forest clearing, where the lion was sitting on his throne, the donkey began to shout:

– “His Highness, is it true that the grass is blue?”.

The lion replied:

– “True, the grass is blue.”

The donkey hurried and continued:

– “The tiger disagrees with me and contradicts and annoys me, please punish him.”

The king then declared:

– “The tiger will be punished with 5 years of silence.”

The donkey jumped cheerfully and went on his way, content and repeating:

– “The Grass Is Blue”…

The tiger accepted his punishment, but before he asked the lion:

– “Your Majesty, why have you punished me?, after all, the grass is green.”

The lion replied:

– “In fact, the grass is green.”

The tiger asked:

– “So why are you punishing me?”.

The lion replied:

– “That has nothing to do with the question of whether the grass is blue or green.

The punishment is because it is not possible for a brave and intelligent creature like you to waste time arguing with a donkey, and on top of that come and bother me with that question.”

The worst waste of time is arguing with the fool and fanatic who does not care about truth or reality, but only the victory of his beliefs and illusions. Never waste time on arguments that don’t make sense…

There are people who, no matter how much evidence we present to them, are not in the capacity to understand, and others are blinded by ego, hatred and resentment, and all they want is to be right even if they are not.

When ignorance screams, intelligence is silent. Your peace and quiet are worth more.



Welcome the Greenway


All Fine and Dandy

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  1. bert hickie

    The moral of Matties story is “when you argue with a fool you become one” or as Prof. Brian Cox once said it is impossible to argue with an idiot

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