In Listowel’s Garden of Europe

The Holocaust Memorial  constructed from railway sleepers, iron bands and chains.


Washday Blues

Do you remember last week I had all this talk of washing by hand? Vincent Carmody, from his huge archive of old billheads found a few for us that will bring back washday memories.

 As well as Lifebuoy soap , there was Ivy soap and carbolic soap.

Ivy was definitely used for washing clothes. I think carbolic was for bodies. Later when flake and powdered soap came in we had Rinso, Lux, Omo and Washing Soda.

 Ah the blue bag “with five testimonials from Royal Laundresses.” No doorstep challenge here.  I wonder what the magic ingredient was that made whites even whiter.

I don’t remember ever encountering this product. As I said before, we made starch using flour and water. This Colman’s branding looks very like the mustard people. Even in 1898 companies practiced a bit of product diversification.


Extraordinary Occurrence in St. Michaels in 1885


Bill Maher…The Causeway connection

Bill Maher is a huge TV star in the US. He hosts a political chat show, does stand up comedy and political satire. He is described in Wikipaedia as “an American comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, media critic, and television host.”

Kathy Taylor was watching a US who do you think you are type show and she learned that

Denis & Margaret Greany from the Parish of Killury, Causeway were in Bill’s father’s maternal line. A 1855 NY bank record was the clue to the Parish. Then Irish researchers found a church record there. Maher had been in Ireland 1999 but said he wanted to go now that he has this info.”

All we need now is some enterprising Causeway person to invite him.


The New Voice of Kerry County Council

Owen O’Shea with Radio Kerry colleagues Fiona Stack, Jackie Carlos and Deirdre Walsh at Owen’s farewell dinner in Bella Bia on Friday night. Photo by Dermot Crean

I saw this photo and read this story on Tralee Today which is a great site for all Kerry news. 

Owen O’Shea is taking up a new role as Communications Officer with Kerry County Council. He will now be responsible for bringing us news of any decisions the council makes.