Feale Sculpture with St. John’s in Listowel Town Square in June 2020.


Jim and Betty Beasley out for a walk in June 2020


A Poem for our Time


Progress Report from Danny McDonnell

Public toilets are closed at the moment for health and safety reasons. Meanwhile Ballybunion’s new convenience is coming along nicely.


Did your house have one of these?

Servis Supertwin twin tub washing machine, mid-1960s.

‘I can always remember my mother saying, “this is heaven, this has to be heaven…because it took the drudgery out of the hard work people had to do. – Maureen Gavan, Interviewed February 2017

The first phase of Electricity Supply Board’s (ESB) rural electrification programme began in 1946 and ran until 1965 with a post-development phase running into the 1970s. Although many rural women worked in offices and shops, as well as on the farm, the marriage bar and prevailing cultural attitudes meant that many women’s experiences of rural electrification were at home, where the kitchen was the focus of domestic work.

Kitchen Power: Women’s Experiences of Rural Electrification – National Museum of Ireland – Country Life, Castlebar, Mayo.



The new regulations allow us to travel anywhere in our own county. My first trip outside the 5km. limit wa to Ballybunion.

As I walked along the cliff walk I met my friend, Mary Moylan, and two of her friends taking a welcome breather from their roles as front line nurses in KUH.

It is very hard to see mobile home parks cordoned off in the height of the tourist season.

The Cliff House is preparing to open  for what’s left of the season.